24 hours and 1000 downloads later...

Exactly 24 hours ago we've officially launched the first, inaugural issue of the Productive Magazine. This has been a great launch day. I never thought being an editor of an e-magazine would be so much work... but then again this is great fun and a rewarding experience. I've approached many people about the magazine and I've been approached by many great people... and we're already starting to build a lineup of articles for the next issue... and I already know who will be featured on the cover of next Productive Magazine :-) (but I won't reveal this jus yet...) More than 1000 people (and counting) have downloaded Productive Magazine in the first 24 hours. I think it's a great achievement... provided that almost nobody knew Productive Magazine existed several days prior to the launch date! Here's just a bunch of people who kindly helped spread the word about the magazine, some of them include: Hope you can help us spread the word even more, I've received lot's of emails from people thanking me for the magazine and that's why I'd like to thank everyone who helped and blogged about it and who contributed (thanks guys!), as well as Maciek "Mediafun" for putting it together so nicely. Some of the feedback I've received:
it looks really well done - it certainly wouldn''t be out of place on the shelves in my local newsagent You won’t find another magazine as chock full of productivity tips as this one.  And these articles were written by top bloggers and productivity experts from around the world. The magazine is in PDF format but looks like a professional magazine and it’s obvious that Michael and his team has put in a lot of time and effort into producing this.  It’s not your normal PDF download. Congratulations! You've done a terrific job on the mag. This looks really fantastic. Very nice callout to Marc there, he was a real inspiration to me
Anyway, keep the feedback coming and I'll keep the counter running. Share the magazine with the world and I'm sure your colleagues, friends and family will find some great info in there. Again, I'd like to highlight that the Productive Magazine is a tribute to the loving memory of Marc Orchant - a great blogger and productivity role model. The magazine is sponsored by Nozbe - your tool for getting things done. Hope the Productive Magazine will make a great weekend-read :-)

Posted on Friday, November 21, 2008 (magazine)

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Productive! Magazine about Getting Things Done and Lifehacks. Edited by Michael Sliwinski founder of Nozbe » Blog Archive » 4000+ downloads in the first 24 hours - issue #2 hits it!
Apr 29, 2009 11:37
[...] When I launched #2 of the magazine, I thought it’d be cool to beat the issue #1 2x times and reach a total of 60K downloads… and although we’re still far from the goal, we’ve beaten the first 24 hours of the first issue 4 times, as the first issue was downloaded “only” 1K times during its first launch day [...]