Friday, January 4

🎉 Having Nozbe featured as “App of the day” on the Apple App Store is great!

I’ve been running Nozbe for almost 12 years now and we’ve had our app on both the iOS and the Mac App Stores for many years as well. We’ve been doing everything we could to create the best app we could for our users... and to get more of them, we were hoping to also get noticed by Apple editors and get featured. Today was a very significant step - Nozbe became the “App of the Day” on many local App Stores:

Having Nozbe featured as “App of the day” on the Apple App Store is great!

On Friday, January 4 Nozbe was “App of the Day” in 127 countries, including:

  • Russia 🇷🇺
  • Germany 🇩🇪
  • Canada 🇨🇦
  • France 🇫🇷
  • India 🇮🇳
  • Italy 🇮🇹
  • Turkey 🇹🇷
  • Spain
  • Poland 🇵🇱
  • Norway 🇳🇴
  • Netherlands 🇳🇱
  • Denmark 🇩🇰
  • Romania 🇷🇴
  • ...and in a total of 127 countries all over the world!

Why is this a big deal?

Well, being the “app of the day” is being singled out as the one-and-only app for today. You basically open the App Store app on the iPhone or iPad, and there it is - the game of the day and the app of the day.

It’s a dream come true for any app developer. Not to be only appreciated by the users (more than 0.5M at Nozbe and counting!) and customers, but to also be noticed by Apple.

Having Nozbe featured as “App of the day” on the Apple App Store is great!

One in a Million? Better: One in 2 Million!

Seriously, being singled out as the app for this one day out of the entire App Store catalog of more than 2 Million apps is really a big deal!

So what I’ve learned from all this?

Well, that patience really pays off. We’ve been featured in many markets and hopefully we’ll be featured even more - and that we should just keep doing what we’re doing and we will eventually get noticed.

Also, it’s perfect timing, because it’s January and you should not only do your annual review, but also think about everything you want to get done this year.

Forget New Year’s Resolutions - just get Nozbe (as Apple suggests) and create a project for each “resolution” and add tasks that will help you achieve it... and track it all weekly. That’s all there’s to it.

It’s not rocket science. I know you can do this! Happy New Year!

(And I’m now taking a moment to celebrate this small victory... and sending big kudos to my entire Nozbe team - thanks for the privilege of working with you every single day!)

P.S. Post written on January 4, but updated on January 14 to reflect that we were featured not in just a few countries, but in 127 of them... here are the most popular ones:

Having Nozbe featured as “App of the day” on the Apple App Store is great!

Thursday, January 3

✔️ Why “lessons learned” is better than just “lessons” - or how I edit my writing...

On the first day of this year I wrote about my best nine IG photos. I really liked how the photos turned out so I decided to report on them and describe them briefly on this blog... and when I wrote and published the post I was happy that I’ve done just that... but I wasn’t quite happy how it turned out. Now I know why:

Why “lessons learned” is better than just “lessons” - or how I edit my writing...

Reporting on facts is boring... reporting on what we’ve learned from these facts is much more valuable!

When I re-read the post I realized what was missing - my personal take on what happened - my conclusions. Things I’ve learned from these photos.

After all why am I writing stuff on this blog? Because I want to grow!

I want to write more - to become a better person - and hopefully share some of these learnings with you!

Two months ago I wrote about new habits I wanted to form... and I think I did. One of them was writing on this blog daily. Later I revised this goal to writing at least 5 blog posts a week (as in: weekday daily - I wanted to have an option to have a weekend off) and I mostly succeeded.

If you look at the blog archive, you’ll see I’ve been blogging a lot more than before. Almost daily.

Now here comes the big why - why I want to blog more frequently?

  1. I want to have a way to journal out in the public and be able to easily (via an internet link) get back to these learnings or point others to them.
  2. Seth Godin thinks it’s good for me and I agree with him :-)
  3. I want to become a better writer. Now that I’ve published my new 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity book... and more books to come.

That’s why I need to focus on “learnings” when I blog over here

If what I post here is to serve me in the future and is to give value to others, I need to focus on what I’ve learned from things and how they impacted me. Not just on stating the facts. After all, I’m not a journalist, I’m a personal and team development guy. That’s what I’m trying to do here:

To help you, your team and myself become a better version of ourselves.

That’s the big why. That’s the reason I’ll write more in 2019.

Hope you’ll join me for the ride, give me feedback and help me spread the learnings from here. Thank you!

Tuesday, January 1

😎 What I’ve learned from my IG #2018bestnine photos

Today is the first day of 2019 and I’d like to kick it off with my best 9 Instagram photos of 2018 and what I’ve learned from them:

How my IG #bestnine photos summarize my 2018

Selfies still work sometimes... especially with someone :-)

Out of 9 photos, 5 are selfies. Three of them are with someone else - two with my wife and one with a friend who drew an outline of my Infoshare presentation.

The 15th anniversary photo with my wife (top left corner) got more than 100 likes - people wish us well, which is nice :-)

Two other selfies were also important - I completed my 10th olympic-distance triathlon and my home country of Poland celebrated 100th anniversary of independence.

Turns out selfies are popular when they represent something meaningful. A milestone. An important celebration... a deep feeling. Not when you just want to show off how cool you are.

The best nine photos also highlighted the significant themes of my last year, like speaking, sports and travel...

This year I had three significant speaking engagements and the most prominent one was indeed Infoshare (second was mobiconf) and I love the photo at the bottom right corner - looking at this amazing audience which fills out the whole auditorium is always a treat for a speaker.

As for sports, I’m really proud of this shot in the center - of my two biking buddies Nick and Dan climbing our favorite climb to the “red house”, which is an abandoned building in the mountains. The former of them last year completed a climb like this every week. I want to be like him when I grow up :-)

Travel was a vital part of 2018 for me. The shot of my youngest girl in Apple store in England is really cool... and the shot of the 420 park avenue building in the clouds in New York City reminds me of my sabbatical.

It’s really amazing how a few photos can really highlight the theme of last year for you. That’s what they did to me.

68 photos in 2018 vs 97 in 2017

This past year I tried to limit my usage (aka addiction) to Instagram and it worked. I posted 30% fewer photos and I’m hoping to continue down this path by posting maximum 1 photo per week this year, or around 50 photos per year.

I have mixed feelings about Instagram. On one hand it gives me lots of joy and value browsing through the photos... but on the other hand it’s increasingly littered with ads and the parent company of Facebook is an anti-example of a socially responsible company...

So I’m setting some limits for Instagram this year. One photo per week and opening instagram app max one time per day.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my photos and if you did, make sure to follow me there and let me know how your best nine photos reflect on your last year.

What have you learned? How was the year and do these photos really represent it as much as they did for me?

Friday, December 28, 2018

✔️ Time to start your annual review!

The year of 2018 is coming to an end. It’s time to take a moment to reflect on it, learn from it... and plan 2019. Recently on The Podcast we gave you our definitive guide to an annual review so let me motivate you to start yours now by breaking down this process into 10 simple steps (see what I did there?):

Time to start your annual review!

Step 1 - believe it’s worth it - yes, you have to be motivated to do an annual review so make sure you know it’s important to your goal of living an intentional life.

Step 2 - dedicate time for it - it’s going to take you quite a few hours, schedule them in the first week of January. 1-2 hours a day.

Step 3 - check your last year’s goals (or New Year’s Resolutions if you have them written down) and see what you managed to (or did’t) achieve.

Step 4 - review your calendar and journal entries from this passing year and jot down trends, ideas or feelings you had about things that happened.

Step 5 - close the year - give yourself permission to start your new year with a blank slate. Don’t automatically move incomplete goals or projects to the New Year.

Step 6 - recognize your values - write down what works for you, what’s important to you... and what you don’t care about. Know thyself.

Step 7 - create projects for each of your New Year’s goals. Don’t generate resolutions, be practical and put a project for each of your goals in your tool of choice (like Nozbe)

Step 8 - come up with habits or skills you need to acquire to get your goals done. Goals are hit-or-miss, but skills or habits will stay with you for much longer.

Step 9 - add timeframes and measures to track your goals - make sure to focus on one goal at a time and postpone other goals for later in a year. Work on your skills and habits in the meantime.

Step 10 - regularly review your goals. Preferably every Friday when doing your weekly review. This way you’ll be always on track with your goals.

Now it’s time to begin!

I’m starting my annual review this week and I’m hoping to finish it by January 6. I’ll also started drafting my “review of 2018” blog post and hope to post it in the first week of January, too - so stay tuned!

Once you’ve started your annual review, make sure to let me know on Twitter and let me know how it’s going. I’ll be posting my updates there, too! Good luck!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

🎧 The Podcast #170 - Live intentionally

This week on The Podcast we give you our definitive guide to the annual review. If you want to make your next year your best yet, please do yourself a favor, listen to this episode and later set aside some time to reflect on 2018 and plan 2019. It’s all up to you!

The Podcast - 170 - Live intentionally

Listen to this week's episode:

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Time: ~ 43 minutes

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And if you're new here:

The Podcast is a weekly podcast chat with Radek (VP Apple Technologies at Nozbe) and yours truly (CEO at Nozbe) about productivity, business, books, and whatever else comes to mind... - if you liked this episode, make sure to check out past episodes.

Friday, December 21, 2018

🎬 10 steps to Ultimate Productivity book walkthrough in just 2 minutes!

Now that my latest book is launched: “10 steps to Ultimate Productivity” inspired by my video course... and as I've already published the excerpt from the foreword of the book, it's time to have a look and see what the book is like!

It’s a real physical book!

And no, it's not just an ebook or audiobook - it's a physical book that we've self-published and self-printed and we'll be self-shipping it to our Nozbe customers and whoever buys it on Amazon.

Here's how the book looks like in 2 minutes:

Book walkthrough

As you can see we've made sure the book is really practical:

  • large font - easy to read and get back to
  • lots of white space - to take notes
  • practical exercises at the end of each chapter
  • lots of examples from productivity experts from our book launch team

Make sure to check it out!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

🎄 Two organizations that do a great job of helping those in need

Charitable work is very important to me and that’s why all these years of running Nozbe I’ve been putting aside 3% of our monthly profits to charity and also I donate $1 of each copy sold of my new book 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity and 5 PLN of each copy sold of the Polish edition of this book... but one thing is to have the money to give... and another is to really use this money for a good cause.

This year I supported two charitable organizations from my home country of Poland during the Christmas time because I’m really impressed how they’re going about using the funds to support those in need.

Two organizations I supported this time of year

One is “Polska Akcja Humanitarna (PAH)” and their “Pajacyk” program which basically caters to make sure children in dire situations get at least one warm meal a day. Very focused and simple cause, yet neglected by many. It’s not a Christmas-specific action - it’s all year long, but at Christmas I felt like I wanted to support them more this time of year. One of their key supporters is my dear friend, Michal Szafranski and he was the one to bring this program to my attention.

The other one is “Szlachetna Paczka” and their work is really focused on Christmas time - they’re helping regular Polish families help other families in very dire circumstances.

This program is really brilliant, because not only do they actively seek out the families in need, but they also really do some serious due-diligence to make sure these families are not pretending to require help, that they really list things they desperately need and that they won’t go off and sell what they received to buy alcohol or other things. I’m really impressed how they operate and how many dedicated volunteers they have that perform this hard job of finding the families and getting the gifts (packages) to them delivered.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

✔️ Essentialism is easier when you’re forced to choose what’s really important

I’m a big fan of Greg McKeown’s book, Essentialism - the pursuit of less but better - I’ve read the book three times, took lots of notes and keep trying (and failing) to follow Greg’s advice... and today unexpectedly I had a tough day that taught me a lesson or two on essentialism.

A personal situation changed my day completely...

When I was doing my weekly review last Friday I had a very solid plan for this week, including a strong to-do list for today - for Monday. After all, it’s the last week before Christmas and there’s so much to be done!

And then something happened on Sunday. A family situation required my attention... and I had to deal with it also today...

When my back was against the wall... I knew exactly what to do.

So today I knew I had to tend to my family and in between I had only maybe 3 hours of work max... so I quickly looked at my to-do list and refocused everything.

I knew what was essential. I knew what I should do today... and what can be left for later.

And that’s what I did.

And I had a great day. I managed to move important things forward at the company in the limited time I had... and later could completely focus on the family matter at hand.

There must be a lesson right here...

A lesson in constraints... in evaluating what’s important...

When facing this important situation I somehow knew what to do.... so why when I’m not in a predicament like this, I’m trying to do everything possible and more?

My life is important. There’s only one life I have. Maybe I should be more mindful about creating this sense of urgency and importance all of the time... not only when I’m being forced to do it by external situations?

Maybe I just need to be better at editing my life... and when I have a plan, practice trimming it down by answering this simple question:

“Great plan for next week, but what would I do, if I only had half that time next week? What would I focus on? What would be essential to move forward?”

Yes, that’s what I have to ask myself at the end of my each weekly review... and edit the plan again. Let’s try to do it this Friday.

Friday, December 14, 2018

🎧🎬 The Podcast #169 - Bullshit jobs

This week on The Podcast we discuss the phenomenon of “bullshit jobs” - and more precise - we discuss the book by David Graeber and what it means to us... and it’s a good one - so make sure to check it out. (And to tease you more about the show, we’ve prepared this video teaser below - check it out before you listen to the whole show).

Watch the video teaser:

The Podcast - 169 - Bullshit jobs

Listen to the entire episode:

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Time: ~ 47 minutes

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The Podcast is a weekly podcast chat with Radek (VP Apple Technologies at Nozbe) and yours truly (CEO at Nozbe) about productivity, business, books, and whatever else comes to mind... - if you liked this episode, make sure to check out past episodes.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

📖 BOOK LAUNCH - 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity

Yes, it’s today that my new book, “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” starts pre-sale on Amazon and is being available for order. Shipping will start on January 2. It’s based on my video course by the same name but the book is a completely-rewritten content, much enhanced and written in such a way, that anyone can grab it and start creating their own productivity system in minutes... and hopefully have an amazing 2019. Here’s how to get the book:

BOOK LAUNCH - 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity

Get it from our web site:

The best way to get the book is to go directly to its dedicated web site - you’ll learn all about the 10 steps (as in - 10 chapters) from the book and why you should definitely get it :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

🏝 Why in any company you should be using version control for anything - how we use Github not only for code, but also for writing!

At Nozbe among all the apps we use to run our company, we also take advantage of Github’s implementation of Git - the version control system - because when many people work on code, things can quickly fall through the cracks if you’re not using a version control system.

Why in any company you should be using version control for anything - how we use Github not only for code, but also for writing!

I originally posted this on my NoOffice blog

Git in a software company is nothing new, but recently we started using Git for more things - especially for writing content... and now everyone on our team knows how to do it! And thanks to the Working Copy app I can work like this on my iPad Pro, too. Here’s the setup and the inspiration:

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

🏭 Stock market doesn’t make any sense to me as Microsoft is more valuable than Apple...

This has been an interesting year. Apple was the first company to break the 1 trillion dollar valuation at one point... but now as they’ve plateaued with iPhone unit sales and announced that they will no longer be publishing the quantity of headsets sold... their stock literally plummeted from above $220 to $169 today and the best part is that now Microsoft is worth more than Apple. Why? Well... I honestly don’t get it...

Stock market doesn’t make any sense to me as Microsoft is more valuable than Apple...

I’ll never understand the stock market...

Let’s start with a disclaimer: I own quite a few units of Apple stock and I use Apple devices daily, so I’m obviously emotionally involved here.

Here’t the proof: I just bought the new iPhone XS, the new iPad Pro 11” and the new Apple Watch series 4... so their products obviously don’t suck...

Yet there’s a question of growth... Apple, apparently is doomed as they’re not going to sell as many iPhones as they should be, right?

Microsoft more valuable than Apple? Are you kidding me?

When I heard about it (and this situation stands today as you can see from the screenshot above), I tweeted this:

… and with that we’ve decided to drop all iOS and Mac related projects at @Nozbe and focus entirely on the world’s dominant mobile platform: Windows Phone! …. oh wait… 🤔

Exactly! Microsoft is losing on so many fronts - it lost the mobile war (there is no Windows Phone anymore), they’re struggling with tablets (with Surface products) and they’re dependent on Intel - who’s struggling making processors these days. They’re just milking the cow thanks to Microsoft Office 365 platform... which I honestly don’t use anymore...

Whereas Apple’s iPhone is one of the two dominant mobile platforms, they’re kicking Intel’s ass with ARM-based A-series chips and soon they’ll be releasing Macs with these processors, they’ve got the dominant tablet with the iPad and the dominant fitness tracker with the Apple Watch... and their recurring services revenue is soaring.

Where’s the logic here? What gives?

Luckily Nozbe is not on a stock exchange and won’t be!

I really don’t get the stock market. I won’t be buying any more stock, I’ll just keep the Apple Stock I have and that’s it.

I don’t think I’d ever want to run a public company.

Even if Nozbe is 100 times more successful than now I’ll keep Nozbe private because answering to the investors who apparently are driven by some strange kind of sentiment doesn’t sound like lots of fun. And doesn’t bring value to the actual users!

Anyway. There’s no conclusion here. I’m just really confused about all this.

“You have to understand, that the financial markets are driven by sentiment”...

It’s like in this sketch about the financial crisis - which still holds up pretty well:

Monday, December 10, 2018

⌚️ 5 things I love about the Apple Watch series 4 after just a day of using it!

When the new Apple Watch series 4 was announced I knew it was time for me to upgrade. I’ve been using the Apple Watch since its official launch, and over the last 2 years I’ve had a Nike+ series 2 watch and I was pretty happy with it. I haven’t switched to series 3 because I was hoping that in Europe finally we’ll have an option to enjoy the watch with cellular connection.

5 things I love about the Apple Watch series 4 after just a day of using it!

Finally it’s there... and it took me a while but finally yesterday when on a family trip we passed by a local Apple Store - I took the plunge and got the new watch. Now, after a little over a day with it, I can honestly say that I’m loving it... and especially these 5 things about it: it’s fast, nice, huge, independent and connected. Here are the details:

Friday, December 7, 2018

🎧 The Podcast #168 - Get bored

This week on The Podcast we discuss social media and distractions... and yet again try to figure out a way out of the compulsive behavior of checking Instagram or Twitter feeds... discovering alternative ways of getting news and info - listen up:

The Podcast - 168 - Get bored

Listen to this week's episode:

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The Podcast is a weekly podcast chat with Radek (VP Apple Technologies at Nozbe) and yours truly (CEO at Nozbe) about productivity, business, books, and whatever else comes to mind... - if you liked this episode, make sure to check out past episodes.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

✔️ Introduction to my new book - 10 steps to Ultimate Productivity

We’re about to start pre-launch of my new book - 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity which is based on my video course. It’s getting real! I’m very excited about this. Here’s the link to my new Amazon author page and to give you a glimpse of what the book is all about, today I’m posting here an excerpt from the “introduction” to the book:

Introduction to my new book - 10 steps to Ultimate Productivity

Introduction to 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity

In this book, you will learn the principles needed to build your very own system for organizing and taking charge of your time. In 10 easy-to-follow steps, I will share how you can quickly and easily realize your goals. Thanks to these rules, I am both happier and more productive.

It wasn’t always this way...

By nature, I am an incurable optimist and a generally disorganized person. That is exactly why I decided to look into the literature on self-management. I knew that I could no longer neglect my deadlines, postpone my meetings, and lose my way in the flood of information and projects that I was responsible for. I needed to finally get organized!

My old way of using a physical planner was quickly becoming outdated and couldn’t keep up with the new, fast-paced environment the internet had created.

Things could not continue like this for me. I was drowning in the sheer volume of things I needed to do. That’s when I decided to study the techniques of self-management. Seeking inspiration from books by authors like Stephen Covey and David Allen, I hoped even a disorganized individual like myself could tidy up their life. I never imagined I would find my life’s passion through this endeavor.