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Tuesday, October 6

★ It's all your fault! Even when it isn't!

Just the other day I re-read my blame blog post which I wrote 2 years ago because I was talking to a friend of mine who's an entrepreneur and he needed a lesson. He was blaming everyone for his failures. For his problems. For his lack of success and traction. And it was all wrong because the reality is that it's all his fault. All of it:

it's all your fault

When something wrong or bad is happening to or in your business you as the CEO and founder should take the blame. All of it. And based on that you should apologize to yourself, your team, and then fix it.

Too many people nowadays don't do that and use all of their energy to find a scapegoat. This is not right. This is not a way to go. This will not help you avoid the problem in the future.

Of course it's easier to blame the economy, the circumstances, the environment or a co-worker. There will always be someone to blame. And it better not be you, right!?


Yet I advise you to do the contrary. Take the blame right away. Don't focus on finding a scapegoat but focus on finding a solution instead.

Take the blame. Find a solution. Move on. That's it. Good luck!

Question: When do you assume your blame?

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Monday, October 5

☀ Michael Sliwinski Magazine #5 - Nozbe Reunion

Do you know you can read my blog as a magazine on your iPhone or iPad or Android phone or tablet? You didn't know? Well, you can, thanks to Remag. I've just published the late September issue of my very own magazine and I encourage you to sit on your favorite armchair, grab your mobile device of choice and start reading:

The latest issue of Michael Sliwinski Magazine

Issue 5 - "Nozbe Reunion"

I've included the following posts and videos in this issue:

You can get my "Michael Sliwinski Magazine" for free:

Question: Are you reading my posts in a dedicated app?

Having my own magazine is a totally new experience of sharing my blog posts with you. This is what my new venture: Remag is all about. Please do let me know what you think about it in the comments below! How's your experience been so far? Thanks.

Thursday, October 1

☆ I'm not doing it alone! Meet the Nozbe team on video [on: Nozbe Blog]

On the Nozbe Blog I just wrote about our team. No, Nozbe is not just me. We're 24 people now. We've doubled our team in just this last year. Check out the post and watch our Periscope recording:

nozbe team

"We had some fun and enjoyed each other's company which is very important for a team that most of the year spends time working remotely from our homes."

"So to get to know us better watch this short Periscope video session that we recorded on the last day of our reunion."

Jump to read the entire article and watch our Peeiscope video »

Wednesday, September 30

▷ The Podcast #16 - I can literally touch you

New episode of your favorite weekly podcast about "technology, productivity tips, business, publishing, and whatever else comes to mind..." is out! This time we're recording from our NozbeReunion - it's so weird to be speaking, sitting right next to each other:

The latest episode of The Podcast

We comment on our NoOffice remote working arrangement, our reunion, how it went and what we've done, and how fast time flies when you're spending an intensive week together.

Plus some insider info about Nozbe's future! So:

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Tuesday, September 29

★ Enjoying the present moment - thoughts after Nozbe Reunion

As I'm now on my plane back home from the Nozbe Reunion, I've been thinking about the past week: how it went and what we've done. And one of the things that stood out for me was the fact that we've spent lots of time "in the moment", "in present", giving each other undivided attention. And it was great. Here's why:

team in the moment

Individual talks with me were truly one-on-one. It was just me and a member of my team, sitting at a table in an empty room, without our smartphones or computers, with no interruptions. Enjoying this moment we have for each other. Getting our conversation deeper than we would normally do. And very often getting to decisions we would normally never get to, if it wasn't for this "alone time" with one another.

Having fun playing games we were totally immersed in the moment. We played football, ping pong, valley ball, mafia... And I noticed we were totally enjoying each other's company and the moments we shared together. It was fun. It was meaningful. It was amazing.

Brainstorming together when listening to each other's presentations. This was harder. Sitting on a presentation requires more focus so I asked everyone to put their laptops away. But it was a good thing to do. Thanks to this trick everyone had to listen to their colleague presenting. This created lots of comments and meaningful discussions. And we've learned a lot about our company and each other's role in it.

Consciously living in the moment takes commitment but it's so worth it.

I'm very tired now, but I'm so happy we spent this Nozbe Reunion more in the moment than the previous ones. It was great. And I'm committed to trying living in a moment more every day.

Question: How hard is it for you to live in the moment and give someone your undivided attention?

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Monday, September 28

✔ Apple Watch 2.0 and thoughts after 4 months wearing it

I've been wearing an Apple Watch every day for the last 4 months since I un-boxed it and set it up. I quickly fell in love with it and now that the major upgrade to its operating system is out, the watchOS 2.0, I think I can honestly say what I think about this gadget and if after all these months I'm keeping it.

Apple Watch 2.0

My friend Michael Hyatt loves his Apple Watch for 5 things: he thinks it's a beautifully engineered gadget, it's very often less intrusive than the iPhone, he loves the activity tracking, the focused information he gets from it and he says it's just fun to use. I can't agree enough with him. But there's more:

Wednesday, September 23

▷ The Podcast #15 - Not only for introverts

New episode of your favorite weekly podcast about "technology, productivity tips, business, publishing, and whatever else comes to mind..." is out! This time we talk about our company's NoOffice work and my being an extrovert who still likes working from home:

The latest episode of The Podcast

We also talk on iPad Pro and why I'm still buying it... And why companies should be embracing teleworking a lot more. It was a good one. Check it out!

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Tuesday, September 22

✔ Individual talks on a Team meeting - why it's important to us

I mentioned recently that we're currently on a Nozbe team reunion where our remotely working team gets together in the same place for an entire week. Today I'd like to share how each day looks like and why it starts with me... talking to people one-on-one. Well, here goes, we start each day with a breakfast at 8 am, and then...

Personal Touch

Personal time one on one

Before I explain what we do after breakfast, let me get back tot he subject of this post - the personal meetings with each and every one of the team. We're 20+ person strong team now. We doubled our team size in a year. Yet, every time we meet for our reunion, people want to talk to me. And I want to talk to them. Folks want to have a one-on-one with the founder. They ask for it. And I want to give them my time. That's why when we schedule our Nozbe Reunion I make it my priority to be able to have an uninterrupted one-on-one conversation with each and every one from the team. This is how we do it:

Monday, September 21

★ How we get our reunions done. Meeting my entire Nozbe team

Today our Nozbe reunion starts and it means that all of us remote workers get to one hotel and spend a week here. To enjoy quality time together, to strategize, to brainstorm, to strengthen our team. This is how we do it:

nozbe reunion

We rent a hotel for a week in the middle of nowhere. Usually in a place where most of the team can get to easily. We arrive for late lunch at 3pm on a Monday and leave on Sunday after breakfast.

We start with a keynote of mine where I recap where we are. Where we were and where we want to go. We agree on the reunion's schedule and I pre announce the presentations by other team members which will take place during the week.

We spend a long first evening together chilling out, talking, drinking beer. Since the last meeting in the spring we've grown 30% and when compared to a year ago, we've doubled our team count, so we need to catch up, get to know the new guys and gals. And just enjoy the first quiet evening before a long and demanding week.

And what will we do on Tuesday and beyond!? I'll write more about it tomorrow after we've already done the the fist day. It's going to be really cool to spend all this time with my team. Right here right now. Can't wait. More tomorrow. Good night ;-)

Question: Do you work remotely?

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Friday, September 18

★ Do you need to be an introvert to work remotely?

Today while we were recording the 15th episode of The Podcast Radek asked me a question: "why do you like working from home so much when you're clearly an extrovert?". That's a good question and I have two things to say about this:


Extroverts like me have more energy in the afternoons. Just think about it, most people when they come from work they are tired. And they don't want to see anyone. I'm quite the contrary. I work from my home office so I don't get the human interaction all that much. So I'm actually looking forward to meeting people in the evenings. I have the energy to spend time with my friends and family and plan the time "after work".

I'm more connected than you think. Thanks to Skype, FaceTime, iMessage and also Slack chats or Nozbe comments I'm actually more connected to my colleagues than you might think. I don't feel like I'm all alone in my home office. I feel like I'm part of a team. And that feels good.

Want to know more? Subscribe to The Podcast and in the next episode (which we'll publish next Wednesday) we'll talk more about all the aspects and urban legends concerning teleworking. Stay tuned.

Question: Did you ever work from home?

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Thursday, September 17

★ My main competitor: non-consumption. That's why I want to teach productivity rather than just sell Nozbe

Just a little over a month ago I was on the plane from my home town to my parents' place. I was reading Jeff Walker's Launch book after having seen his and Michael Hyatt's videos on launching new products. I'm not launching anything new. I still run Nozbe but for many people who don't know my product, it is actually new to them. And the whole world of productivity is new to them. They just need to get organized. And on that plane ride I came up with an idea how to make this happen:

nozbe training

I developed the How to create your perfect digital productivity system course where in 3 videos I take someone from not having a system to having something that works and helps them get more stuff done.

I've always been about teaching people productivity.

That's why I prepared the 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course. That's why I'm the editor of the Productive! Magazine. That's why I'm recording Productive! Show. When you think about it I've always been teaching productivity...

So why this new course is different?

Because this time it's a mixture of great know-how with practical exercises presented as screencasts done in my productivity app. This time people can just follow along and get from "zero to hero" in no-time. Here's the intro:

I'm closing this course today at midnight PDT and I'll study the results and feedback I've gotten from my course participants. I want to know if this really makes sense and if I should improve this course in any way before I decide to offer it again.

Task/Project management space is a crowded market but I believe my main competitor is not another to-do app, but traditional post-it notes, paper calendar and email. Old habits die hard. And with this course I'm trying to change them.

Please sign up and let me know your thoughts if the course does the job well in the comments below.

Question: Do you think I'm doing the right thing teaching everything I know about productivity?

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PS: As a bonus here's a video of Jason Fried, one of my business mentors, talking about out-teaching vs out-selling competition:

Wednesday, September 16

▷ The Podcast #14 - Way too many iPads...

New episode of your favorite weekly podcast about "technology, productivity tips, business, publishing, and whatever else comes to mind..." is out! This time we talk about the iPads. My iPads and the iPad Pro:

The latest episode of The Podcast

Radek thinks that me having 5 iPads is not reasonable. He questions my #iPadOnly ways. We discuss the iPad Pro and productivity on the iPads in general. And we recommend writing apps.

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Tuesday, September 15

★ Hello, I'm Michael and I have 5 iPads...

We're about to publish the next episode of The Podcast where we talk about the latest Apple event and we discuss the newest iPad Pro... And then Radek asks me about my iPad. And it's not like I have only one:

my iPads

Let's start in order of appearance:

iPad 1 (64GB) - yes we still use a 5-year old iPad. Actually my daughters use it for watching movies and playing games. It's still a great device for both of these purposes.

iPad mini 1 (16GB cellular) I bought for testing iOS7 two years ago. It's running iOS9 today and I still keep it around for testing.

iPad mini 2 (64GB cellular) my wife's iPad of choice. Completely replaced her Kindle. She carries it in her purse and reads all her books on this.

iPad Air (64 GB cellular) my previous iPad. I haven't sold it last year and kept it around as our "household" iPad. Also gaming device for my daughters (when games require the latest iOS).

iPad Air 2 (64GB cellular) my "only" iPad. My main computer. This is where I get my job done.


My wife's iPad Air 2 provided by her employer. She very often brings it home when she's teleworking.


iPad Pro (128GB cellular) - so I wrote my letter to Santa and this device made spot no 1. I'm totally buying this. Why? More in this weeks's episode of The Podcast

Question: which iPad/iPads do you have?

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Monday, September 14

✔ Need your opinion on my blogging every day… and my new productivity video course

Note: This post is a transcript of my "Passionate Productivity" newsletter which I send to people who read my book "It's all about Passion!" - if you want to be receiving emails from me in the future, get the book by signing up - thank you!

Michael Sliwinski here, the author of the book: “It’s All About Passion” and the CEO of Nozbe. It’s been a while (actually 3 months) since I’ve written to you, so I wanted to touch base and let you know what I was up to this Summer here in Europe. I’d like to ask you for feedback on two things: my regular blogging and my new free video productivity series. Here goes:


I’ve been blogging every weekday for the last 3 months, did you like it?

After I only posted once in May, I started writing regularly in June and I’ve been continuing in July and August… and now we’re in September and I keep writing every weekday on my blog. It’s been great so far. It gives me an opportunity to share and “ship” something valuable to you every day. I intend to keep doing that, but I’d like to know if you like it this way.

Do you think I should keep the pace? Do you like my posts? (if you haven’t been to my blog, come over to Sliwinski.com, read a few last posts and let let me know.)

Do you have a perfect Digital Productivity System?

This summer time gave me a few moments to breathe and also think about my whole “productivity business”. Even though there are many productivity systems out there and Nozbe is facing lots of competition from all over the world, I’ve come to realize that our biggest competitor is “non-consumption”.

Friday, September 11

☆ Video: How I work with my assistant step-by-step [on: Nozbe blog]

A month ago I wrote a blog post with my assistant on how we work together. It became very popular and people have been sharing it and following our advice. So to actually show how we work together, today on the Nozbe blog I posted a video screencast:

Video: How I work with my assistant step-by-step

In this video we show click by click how we deal with emails, share projects, delegate tasks, schedule meetings, collaborate on new projects and work under time pressure... And much more!

Jump to watch this short video »