☆ New kind of affiliate / referral program [on: Nozbe.club]

We just launched a new affiliate web site called nozbe.club where we're promoting the newest Nozbe referral program. And we even created a special video to show what it's all about:


"Over the last 8 years Nozbe has grown to more than 300,000 users - all thanks to our happy customers' recommendations."

"When they decide to use Nozbe, thanks to you they get: a lifetime 10% discount and access to one of the best productivity tools on the Internet. And you earn a 20% lifetime commission every month they stay our happy and productive customers."

"Everybody wins: you help your friends embrace the chaos thanks to Nozbe, they save money thanks to you... and you get a few dollars from us to spend on coffee, movie tickets or whatever you fancy."

This is the idea: everybody gets a great tool to get things done, but on top of that you get a thank-you commission for recommending and they get a thank-you discount for signing up through you.

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Posted on Thursday, September 3, 2015 (business,productivity)

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