Apple fanboy in me waiting for October 20

After launching iOS devices like iPads and iPhone4s this year, finally Apple is getting back to its roots and talking about Macs. And I can't wait, as I'm going to see 10.7 Lion and hopefully new Macbook Air.
Apple's marketing is incredible, but their products are even more so.

Michael Hyatt in his blog mentioned that great product is the new marketing and he's totally right. I love my Macbook Air because it's a great product. I love my iPhone and my iPad for the same reason. They are just great products. My switch from Windows-world to Mac-world was a smooth process and helped me focus my energies on doing stuff on my computer, rather than fixing my computer.

Anyway, working on a beautifully designed device that works almost flawlessly is a bliss.

That's why I can't wait to see what Apple has prepared for us this Fall. They are setting the bar in the industry and most of the time they simply re-innovate the already perfect product. I'm especially curious about two things:

Mac OSX 10.7 Lion - aka hello Kitty :-)

Snow Leopard is a great operating system but since Apple is investing a lot in the iOS now, I'm curious what they've been cooking so far. Maybe a hybrid of these two systems? Maybe more iOS stuff in the MacOSX? Who knows, I can't wait.

New Macbook Air - show me the magic!

When the Macbook Air showed up with its unibody enclosure and amazing thinness it set a new standard for laptop manufacturing. It started a new breed of unibody Macbooks and it was a hit... and I was lusting for one... and this computer eventually helped me decide to switch to a Mac.

Now, almost three years after the original Air was conceived, supposedly the new one is coming... and I'm hoping it'll again revolutionize the laptop segment. I'm really expecting a new thing and the rumored 11.6" monitor suggests that. And it's not just because the 2 GIG RAM limit is starting to play on my nerves. I'm really expecting a new standard. Once again.

That's the Apple fanboy in me. I'm counting the days :-) Are you?

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Posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 (apple,business,life)

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Michal Malyszko
Oct 13, 2010 22:53
I am waiting too :)
Aidil Sharizaq
Oct 14, 2010 11:10
I'm also waiting. I'm in the middle of switching from windows to Mac. And recently thinking bout getting the Air or Pro. Since I heard that Apple will hve something new store for us, the timing couldn't be any more perfect! And btw, Steve's keynotes is always the best.
Michael Sliwinski
Oct 14, 2010 13:58
It's great I'm coming to the US in Nov so that if the new Apple gear is in place, I'll be able to get it. That's again the fanboy in me talking.

Yes, Aidil, the timing is just perfect :-) Let's see what they've got cooking for us.

Paweł Krefta
Oct 17, 2010 22:21
From my programmer point of view it would be nice to see 15 inch hi-res Air without optical drive : ) I guess you know what is iMac macbooked concept - I think somethin like this would rock : )
Michael Sliwinski
Oct 18, 2010 10:51
I can't wait to see how the new Air will look like and work. I prefer as portable computer as possible and I always hook it up to a bigger screen at home. I have a portrait 21" screen that I hook up there.

For me the new Air must have at least 4 GB of RAM and a ~10 hour battery. If it's thinner/sexier that it's a plus. If the 2 requirements above are met, I'm buying.

You're definitely right, Pawel. The optical drive should be out even in 15" or 17" laptops. It's a museum piece, not needed at all. Thanks for your comment!

Paweł Krefta
Oct 18, 2010 16:05
One tip about new Macs - has free shipping to Poland so in some caces buying in States isnt so obvious : )

Small OT : Is recrutation at Apivision closed ?