Articles in the Productive Magazine #2

OK, it took us a little more time to compile the second issue of the Productive Magazine, but we've got the lineup ready and it's going to be a great issue so here you go: Interview with Guy Kawasaki by Michael Sliwinski How to Set Goals That Lead to Success Dustin Wax   The Single Secret to Making 2009 Your Best Year Ever by Leo Babauta How to Shave Ten Hours Off Your Work Week by Michael Hyatt Why You Shouldn’t Do New Year’s Resolutions by James Mallinson Say No to make Yes Sound better by Kris Rowlands What’s Wrong With New Years Resolutions? by Andrew Mason   Making it all work with Mindmanager by Michael Deutch Productivity For Groups – Because You’re Not Really In Control by Andrew Yang Simply Get Things Done Course – Introduction by Michael Sliwinski My volunteer editors (thanks guys!) are now checking the contents of the articles to make sure we don't have any "bugs" inside :-) I'll post more details on the magazine later next week, but we're getting ready to rock the productivity world again with the new issue! And of course - thanks to all the contributors! You make the magazine great, we just do the compilation :-)

Posted on Saturday, January 31, 2009 (magazine,preview)

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Marc and Angel Hack Life
Feb 17, 2009 02:05
Let me know if you'd like an article from us. We'd love to contribute.
Feb 27, 2009 09:12
So when is #2 coming out? :)
Alik Levin |
Feb 28, 2009 15:56
Looking forward to reading Guy Kawasaky interview
Mar 5, 2009 11:15
While we are waiting, here are my top 3 productivity tips: 1. I am clear about what I am trying to accomplish 2. I focus on the important things first - which means knowing what they are. 3. I do it. I don't put it on the list, I don't think about it, I don't talk to someone else - I just do it.
Productive! Magazine about Getting Things Done and Lifehacks. Edited by Michael Sliwinski founder of Nozbe » Blog Archive » Productive Magazine Issue 2 - Cover
Apr 22, 2009 06:54
[...] Great articles about Motivation, Resolutions, Practical Lifehacks, etc. [...]
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