Augusto Pinaud in the Productive! Magazine #14

Being busy with Nozbe (we're about to release our own, completely redesigned iPad and iPhone apps) kept me from finishing the Productive! Magazine but finally it's ready and you'll enjoy it in a couple of days. This issue is pretty special to me as I had a pleasure of interviewing one of good friends of mine and a person who's dedicated to productivity more than anyone - Augusto Pinaud. He just published his best-selling book "25 Tips for Productivity" and it's a great read.

We did a great Skype interview (or should I say, Skype-chat) and here's a 1-minute teaser/trailer of what we're talking about:

And if you liked the trailer, make sure to check out the entire interview (~ 20 minutes) where Augusto shares some amazing productivity tips and tricks:

Productive! Magazine #14 is coming later this week so make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter and receive it once it's ready. The cover will look like this:


Which of the tips we mentioned would you implement in your life today?

Posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 (magazine,productivity)

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