Black Friday readership - Apple's Desktop sales, Twitter features and thanks to Steve Jobs

As usual on this blog on Friday I'm commenting on three articles that stood out for me during last week and not surprisingly there are about Apple and Steve Jobs (I'm a Mac user for over a year now) and Twitter (I'm about to cross 5K followers on this platform - thanks everyone! Here goes...


This is really surprising... Apple's OSX has 10% market share but their overall retail computer sales are close to 50% with Windows-based PCs! This used to be a 70%-30% relationship, not 50-50.

The strange thing is that the article is citing recession and Windows 7 expectations as the cause of all this. The Win7 argument I can understand, but the recession? I mean, because of the recession people are not buying PCs but are buying the more expensive Macs? Where's the logic in that?

Michael Arrington wrote a brilliant piece saying big thanks to "his Steveness" for coming back to Apple and making iPod, iTunes and iPhone happen. I can't agree more. Steve and the Apple crew, you may like them or not, are challenging the status-quo and have re-invented both the music market and the mobile phone market. Nobody can argue with that. Thanks for being the Apple's iCEO, Steve!

Cool article written by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits fame on his new "Minimalist" blog.

He's right, the power of Twitter lies in the fact that they have a very simple service and that all the "developer community" around them are innovating thanks to the Twitter API. Twitter should really focus only on making their core featureset work perfectly and let the community innovate based on this.

What do you think? Do you believe Twitter should add more features? Do you like the new Retweet feature? Aht do you think about Steve Jobs and what he's done at Apple?
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Posted on Friday, November 27, 2009 (apple,followfriday,thanksgiving,twitter)

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