David Allen of GTD fame in our new Productive! Magazine iPad app (issue #1)

We're finally bringing you more past issues of the Productive! Magazine to the iPad and we're starting with issue #1 with David Allen. This was our first issue and our best issue ever! Almost 100 pages of content, fantastic interview with David Allen - the "father of Getting Things Done" (GTD). Issue #1 as PDF (and digitally on Issuu.com) has been read almost 200,000 times and is to date our most requested issue of the magazine. New iPad app - please re-download it. We recently moved our Productive! iPad app to our Apple developer account, so please get the new app to read the issue #1 - with the new app (which is free as always) you will be able to view all the available past issues of the magazine that we prepared up till now as well as new issues such as issue #9 with Laura Stack (coming next week) and past issue #2 with Guy Kawasaki coming next month. Click to download our new iPad app and get Productive! Magazine #1 on your iPad! Productive! Magazine #1 on the iPad In the magazine we've included a 1-minute snippet from my David Allen interview I posted earlier: Click to get our new iPad app with Magazine #1 Our iPad app is proudly sponsored by good folks from Macoscope (using their excellent iPublisher platform) - they are great supporters of our magazine and also developers of our Nozbe iPad and iPhone apps.

Posted on Thursday, August 25, 2011 (magazine)

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