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If you've followed me long enough on Twitter, you know I'm also responsible for two "Productive!" brands - the free PDF "Productive Magazine!" and a short 2-minute weekly video show "Productive Show!"

Well, today I just published a new video episode of my Productive Show - Early risers get things done!

I encourage you to check it out:

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The key to rising early and being really productive is to make sure you have a plan for your next day and you don't dive into checking email or twitter or rss feeds...

Just prepare your action tasks for the morning the evening before and you're good to go. After 2-3 hours of productive work in the morning you will be allowed to check email :-)

Questions: Are you waking up early? Did you try to become an early riser? What is your best sleeping pattern that makes you most productive?

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Posted on Tuesday, November 3, 2009 (getting things done,gtd,productivity)

Nov 26, 2010 17:23
I am so behind, and every morning I wake up around 4-5am. I need to leave at 7:30 but only need about 1/2 hour to get ready for work. I have work, and trying to get a business started at home.

I waste about 2-3 hours everymorning just wandering about, doing email, surfing, mindless stuff. I have been thinking for some time to set out the evening before what to do in those morning hours. Thank you for this push.

Michael Sliwinski
Nov 27, 2010 22:46
If I don't prepare a plan for next day, I also have a lousy morning. The key to waking up early and doing productive work right then is to have a plan. Many people forget that part. SpiritedGypsi, glad I could serve as a "push". Good luck!
Nov 27, 2010 23:04

I've had a small business for over 10 years, I used to pull in around $500-$1000 a month doing something that I love. Now I have a bad reputation because I am so behind in my orders, but no one has ever complained about my product. I am always stressed and need to catch up on all of these orders and then start shipping new orders quickly. This is what I'm trying to catch up on, and it's overwhelming. Any suggestions?

My website:


There is a great demand, my product is very nice and I am very good at it. I lost my way somewhere along the line . . .

Thank you, Susanne