First Blogs and Bloggers contacted!

Since the Productive Magazine is all about bringing the blog-content to the masses via a PDF-compiled magazie format, I decided that the Productive Magazine should be published in a form of a blog as well. As we don't have all that much time until the Productive Magazine premiere on August 1st, liveblogging about the experience should be lots of fun! Now, just today I started contacting the first bloggers I know and respect from the "Productive blogosphere" as I call it. Let's see how they respond to my initial invitation to participate in the project. Once I get first responses, I'll add the blogs who replied positively in the "Blogroll" on the right side of this site. Guys, keep the responses coming - we can't wait to start compiling the first edition of the Productive Magazine with your great articles! - Michael

Posted on Wednesday, July 9, 2008 (magazine)

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Jan 11, 2010 08:56
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