Friday Readership: Apple Mac by Microsoft guy, Business advice and Birthday

This Friday will not be about the Apple iPad, but the fruit company will remain anyway. Here's the roundup of articles that caught my attention, you can browse the other "Friday readerships" here:


I had a pleasure of meeting Don personally twice during my most recent USA trip, we talked and laughed and I asked him about how it feels to be a Google guy after many years of being a Microsoft guy. This post explains it all and shows the conversion from purely Microsoft products to Google and Apple powered ones.

Neil did an interesting post on three-word business advice and most of it is really worth reading several times. He starts with "Time is money" and later continues with "listen to customers" or "use social media". Really great read. One of the people commenting added my favorite ABC: "Always Be Closing" (a sale).

37signals is my "guru" company and I admire them for what they are doing and how they've inspired me and other startup founders in the world. It's their Basecamp and Backpack apps that inspired me to do a GTD web app called Nozbe and find my passion in running it. Basecamp is double the age of Nozbe which just turned 3 which says a lot about how much time these guys are already making it all happen. Congrats guys and thanks again for... basically everything!

Are you also a Microsoft-to-Apple convert? What's your favorite three-word advice? Are you a Basecamp, Backpack or Nozbe user?

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Posted on Saturday, February 6, 2010 (apple,business,followfriday,startup)

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