Friday Readership: Integrity and dealing with haters on the Internet

I feel really bad about neglecting my personal blog this month, but now I'm back!

Today is Friday, so I'm going with my regular Friday readership series where I'm posting a series of links that interested me this week... and interestingly enough it's about the "haters" - people who don't like what you're doing online and write it on your blog or forum in a way they'd never tell you the same thing in your face... here goes:

Excellent article by Tim about how he deals with haters - he highlights it's important to know how many people do _get_ you and that 10% of people will always take things personally... and if we don't have haters, it means nobody really cares about what we have to say... and that we should live well and simply carry on. Anyway, great read, good advice.

These two great podcasts episodes are really cool - both David and Jason are addressing folks who don't like their book. I like it, I even reviewed it earlier this year and I applaud their advice and all what they've done. They actually inspired me to build Nozbe and I'm their fan. That's it :-)

It's one of the threads on my forums about Nozbe and sub-projects or sub-tasks and they won't appear in Nozbe. The discussion has been pretty hot and I was trying to keep my cool but the outcome was surprising - I got lots of emails from people applauding me for keeping my vision of Nozbe and I even got a cool suggestion by the user named Brian for doing a video on sub-projects and why Nozbe's way better without them. We're producing this video right now :-)

There will always be haters or people that simply don't agree with you. That's a good thing!

To conclude this blog post I just want to say thanks to everyone who's using Nozbe and who keeps on sending their feedback. I do appreciate it - good or bad - I do have my vision for Nozbe. I did launch new Unlimited Nozbe plans two weeks ago and new Nozbe application in the Appstore... and a tiny percentage of users is not happy with either of these two... or both - but overall folks love what we're doing and we love serving them... and this is what counts!

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Posted on Friday, May 21, 2010 (business,followfriday,startup)

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