Friday Readership: Less conversation, more iPhone for kids... and clarity

If you're following my Twitter feed this week, you know I've been busy traveling between New York City, San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, but I'd like to give you a portion of cool articles I've found this week (I do this every Friday, so check the rest of my Friday blog posts here)


I'm missing my daughter right now (will not see her for another week before I return home) and although she's only one year young... she's a daughter of a geek (guilty!) so I'm sure I'll be doing the same as Patrick did: "My three year old daughter now has her own iPhone, though without service so it is effectively an iPod touch. And how did I create a monster, you might ask? Easy. Her first words upon waking from sleep are “Where’s my iPhone?”...

Joel writes about productivity, focus and he has many valid points there: “As companies expand, the people within them start to specialize. At such a point, some managers will conclude that they have a ‘keep everyone on the same page’ problem. But often what they actually have is a ‘stop people from meddling when there are already enough smart people working on something’ problem.”

You can agree or disagree with many of Steve's posts, but this one is really good: "Fortunately there are many actions you can take and mental adjustments you can make that will help you shift from uncertainty to certainty. Here are 11 tips for infusing your life with more clarity: ...."

What did you find interesting this week? Link it up! or @MichaelNozbe me!

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Posted on Saturday, January 23, 2010 (family,followfriday,iphone,productivity)

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Feb 18, 2011 13:24
Mike, Thanks for the link to Pavlina's blog post - "If you remain open to lots of different directions at the same time, you get confusion and fuzziness. When you commit yourself to one specific direction, clarity is the natural result." - The Power of Focus! I need this quote for this particular moment. Thanks again!