Friday Readership: Less is more, Android army and Amplifying complaints

Today I'd like to bring to your attention a mix of three totally different posts that really made me think and challenged my point of view...

"I think I may have accidentally unearthed a whole new untapped population online: the Android Army." ... "And yet here is this new army of Google defenders, raising their spears and chanting as though you’ve insulted….Apple." - read the complete article where David talks about this new phenomenon.

"The easiest way to force the insight of what can be lived without is by playing a game of constraints" ...."It’s amazing how creative the cuts and sharp the sacrifices become when you’re backed into a corner. It’s when you have to choose that you make the best choices." - great insights by the other David - simply embrace the constraints... but first create them!

Amplifying complaints by Seth Godin

"Here's a common human trick: before you state your complaint, wind yourself up with a preface that makes your complaint even more plaintive and more vivid." - Seth explains how human language and pro-human approach can change the way people deal with you... and they'll actually help you! I'll talk about the aspects of language in business in one of my posts next week.

Have a great weekend! What caught your eye this week? What has inspired you or made you think? Let me know!

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Posted on Saturday, January 16, 2010 (android,business,followfriday,iphone,startup)

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