Friday Readership - New Year's Resolutions for 2010

Welcome to my first "Friday Readership" blog posts this year - every Friday I'm gathering the most interesting links with posts I've read recently. You can browse all of the posts from this series here. Today all the posts will be about New Year's resolutions:


Oldie but goodie: It’s something of a tradition at this time of year that everyone writes advice about New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it be on TV, in magazines or on blogs (ahem...), they all seem happy to dish out ill thought advice left, right and center. However I am going to buck this trend and provide a damning indictment of the New Year’s Resolution...

You can also read this article in the #2 issue of the Productive Magazine

Another goodie: The timeless classics for the New Year’s resolution is to lose weight or improve your appearance. This is normally an automatic next action after a festive season of over indulgence! Eight pounds is the average weight gain in the UK over the festive period, and I can talk first hand of people who love nothing more than to drink and be merry over Christmas and the New Year...

This article also can be found in the #2 issue of the Productive Magazine

This one is fresh: I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s. For me, it is always a time when things slow down. I can reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year. I especially enjoy the time with my family and reconnecting with what’s really important...

Maybe we'll ask Michael to make it a contribution for the Productive Magazine #4 :-)

What do you think about New Year's resolutions? How do you make them work? What's on your agenda this year?

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Posted on Friday, January 8, 2010 (2010,followfriday,productivity)

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Jan 10, 2010 22:53
I haven't made a traditional "New Year's Resolution" in years. I am working on two new ways of looking at the year right now, starting with eliminating weeks 51 & 52 from my calendar -too busy w/work, family, holidays - and week 1 from 2011 (same). Then I am going to do Dave Seah's Groundhog Day reso (See for the full story)
Michael Sliwinski
Jan 10, 2010 23:17
Great tip about the groundhog day resolutions! It's really hard to make them on Jan 1st, so good to know we have one more month to make them happen.

I'm traveling to the USA this month so I'll have the time to think "big picture" on the plane across the pond both ways...

Thanks for great comment Stephen and for sending me the link! Great story and perfect resource to add to my list.