Friday Readership: Switch, Blogging, Electricity and Evernote

On Fridays I tend to let you know what caught my attention throughout the week and this time we've got a book, an end of blogging, a tale of the lack of electricity and an ad for a perfect GTD setup:

Sorry for this, but I couldn't help it. It's a great day for me - Evernote officially announced Nozbe integrates with them. It's great on many lavels - it's great a bigger player like them is dedicating their time and resources to developing strong partnerships.

Second, the most important reason is that now we all have a perfect GTD (Getting Things Done) setup:
- Evernote for capturing data
- Nozbe for processing and managing tasks and reference materials

Read the announcement on the Evernote's Noteworthy blog and Nozbe's GTD blog

More cool articles found this week:

Michael reviews and gives away a book that I'm currently "reading" on my iPhone as an audiobook. It's a fantastic and mind-blowing book. Totally recommend. Will review on this blog soon too.

Wow, almost a week without power... I'm not sure how David makes it happen. I know I wouldn't. Check his post and description how he pulled this off...

One of my business and programming gurus is taking his blog and writing down. He doesn't believe that after 10 years it still makes sense to build his personal brand. I'm disappointed. I'm not sure I agree with his rationale behind this.

Questions: Did you read Rework or Switch? Reading? How did you like them? Would you survive one week without power? Ever tried Evernote and Nozbe together?

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Posted on Saturday, March 20, 2010 (books,followfriday,gtd,productivity)

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