Friday Readership: TV, Stewardesses and best ideas

This Friday I've stumbled across several cool articles that caught my attention and the most interesting were:

Seth says that anything is better than TV. It's better to do something else than watch TV. I can't agree more, I watch movies I rent or buy on Blu-ray and although we have cable TV, I hardly watch it... I will however watch it tomorrow to see the Qualifying for Grand Prix Australia in Formula 1... but that's about all I need TV for.

Neil is so right in his article about watching other companies and people doing their business, their marketing and learning a lot from them. Just like I wrote in my previous blog post about Switch, we tend to look at the bad things and we should focus on the good ones and find business inspiration around us.

David and Jason's book Rework includes insights like this one but it needs repeating - don't settle for doing something you "kinda like". Go for something you really want to do. Really want to build. Change the world, you can do it, too. This is why I'm so deep into expanding Nozbe and building a new and very cool web app that hopefully will make a lot more folks a little more productive :-)

Have a great weekend!

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Posted on Saturday, March 27, 2010 (business,startup)

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