Friday reading - Responding to stimulus, Blogger's discipline and your customers

Every week on Friday it's time for my Friday reading - a compilation of top-3 (or more) blog articles that were "starred" by me during the week in my Google Reader RSS channels... here goes the list of my favorites: 

The Space Between the Stimulus and the Response by Michael Hyatt

OK, this is kind of spooky, Michael and I wrote about the very same subject on the very same day and we didn't talk about it or we didn't read each other's posts.

I encourage you to read both posts, Michael Hyatt's and mine, especially with great comments by Neils Warnecke that explore the subject even more.

Conclusions? Take your time, don't react immediately after an action towards you. A response after a few moments of thinking is a much better one.

I've taken blogging seriously. Now that I'm using a platform that support my email routine (posterous) there is virtually no barrier for me to write a new blog post each day. I only take 5 on Sundays.

I really like advice by Chris and intend to follow it. So far so good. After two weeks of blogging daily, I'm happy with my results, I'm thrilled by every new comment on this blog (so please keep on commenting!) and it's really fun to write about stuff that's always been on my mind: Internet Business Productivity.

Following Chris I will do my best to: Show up (post daily), Deliver value (write about stuff that matters), keep on improving (and experimenting), clarify my desire after each blog post... and do my part every Friday showing you other blogs I'm reading.

I cannot and don't want to pre-screen anyone who uses Nozbe, I also cannot and don't want to force anyone into using my web app. I appreciate all the positive and negative feedback, I appreciate constructive criticism, but I don't appreciate trolling or insults.

Luckily, most of my users are really cool and we communicate great, but if someone is not happy with my app, me and my team will strive to do everything right, and if it's still not enough, I'm more than happy to refund the money. Unlike many of our competitors we offer 60-days money back guarantee, so anyone can try us out for 2 full months with no risk whatsoever.

This way both my team and my customers are in the comfort zone that no one is risking anything and we can all focus on getting things done.

Question: Which articles caught your attention this week? Which other blogs you'd recommend? Feel free to let me know! I love reading interesting stuff :-)

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Posted on Friday, November 13, 2009 (blogging,followfriday,reading)

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