✔ My Home Office 2015 renovation with Ikea's height-adjustable desk

Almost every year I'm changing the look and feel of my Home Office. As you know in Nozbe we all work from home so my home office is actually my main office. My last major change was at the end of 2013 with a few tweaks last year but this year I went for a bigger overhaul:

home office 2015

I really like stand up desks. I've used them in the past and when I went #iPadOnly I built a permanent stand up desk for my iPad. But I've always been tempted to get a height-adjustable desk so I could also work standing when on my Mac. Up until now these were very expensive but IKEA finally added these desks to their offer and they're pretty affordable... So when I went with my wife to shop at Ikea for things for our new kitchen, I impulse-bought this desk, which prompted the entire home office renovation series:

Here are the steps I took to build my new home office, I started with deinstalling my computer and its external monitor:

I started small by redesigning the space behind my back - the shelf with printer setup and document drawer, gained lots of additional space which still looks clean and nice:

Then I finally built the Ikea height-adjustable desk. I went with the basic 80cmX120cm size desk and it looks and works great:

Now I had to disassemble my previous long desk to make room for the new beast. When I did that the new desk looked perfect in this spot, right next to my whiteboard:

After that the real work began - the fun part of putting cables in place and thinking how it all should be wired together... and adding some "ambient light" in the process:

The result of the ambient light was stunning:

And I'm really happy how my 2015 home office turned out - lots of space, lots of place to work and most of all, I can work standing on both my Mac and my iPad if I want. Here's the result in daylight:

Question: How do you like my 2015 home office? How does your look like? Link it up in the comments!

Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 (NoOffice,productivity,office)

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