★ My Home Office 2016: whiteboard, stand-up desk, chill-out sofa and less stuff

Every year I'm changing something at Nozbe headquarters, aka my home office and tonight after work I decided to change a few things as well. Here's how my 2016 home office looks like with highlights:

home office 2016

Whiteboard front and center

I've already sang praises to it, but really, whiteboard is my favorite tool for planning and brainstorming. Lately I've been doing a lot of that so I've moved it a little more to the center of my wall to make sure I can take advantage of every inch of it.

Stand up desk still rocks

I've been standing a lot recently while working and I enjoy it more than sitting actually. And when I do want to sit I just lower the desk and use the pilates ball as my chair or...

Chill out sofa is there!

Haven't had that in a few years in my home office so I decided to bring it back. Makes the space more "cozy" and will be useful for reading or sketching on my iPad.

Less stuff and clutter...

As always when I modify my home office I always end up questioning lots of things there and getting rid of clutter that always piles up. My environment here is now cleaner and nicer!

That's just my home office...

In my company everyone works from home and if you're curious how other people on my team work, feel free to check out our home offices as well as our Nozbe customers offices. Hope these set ups will inspire you to improve your workspace just like they help me improve mine every year.

Question: How does your productive workspace look like?

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Posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 (office,NoOffice)

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