✔ Today I turn 35. I've got a gift for you. My new book: "It's all about Passion"

Today is my 35th birthday and following the path of one of my favorite bloggers, Leo Babauta I decided to give you gift - a free book: "It's all about Passion! How 7 types of passion helped me achieve success with my productivity startup". I hope you'll love reading it and it'll inspire you to find passions in your life.

It's all about Passion

There are 7 types of passion that helped me achieve success:

  • Passion for the Money
  • Passion for the Solution
  • Passion for the Product
  • Passion for the Industry
  • Passion for Growth
  • Passion to Help
  • Passion for Synergies

As you undoubtedly noticed, these types of passion are related to each other and actually grow from one to another... but they are all there. All of them are different and unique in their own way and make your life richer and more fulfilling. There are no shortcuts, it takes time to go through all of these phases and after you've uncovered them all, your journey gets even more interesting. And as they say, "the journey is the ultimate destination".

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Additional bonus - a video interview with me

Today also I'm airing for the first time an interview with me about my story, my path, my passions, it's only 20 minutes and it relates perfectly to the book:

The book starts with my story from way back in 2000

The fall of 2000 in Germany was chilly, but it wasn’t unbearable. I showed up a few weeks before the new college year started to get to know my new school, new dorm and new city. There I was, a day-long drive away from my home town in Poland, excited to be able to continue my management studies abroad. Just that summer, right before the big move, I finally earned enough money to buy my first laptop computer - a 266 MHz Pentium II Compaq Armada. With my new PC, a German dictionary and lots of hopes and dreams, I was ready to start my new adventure and learn new things at this foreign university...

Click to get the book in MOBI, ePub or PDF

Many folks contributed to this book

In the book I included quotes by David Allen, Guy Kawasaki, MG Siegler, Fred Wilson, David Sparks, Michael Bungay Stanier, Ryan Carson, David Heinemeier Hansson, Jason Fried, Al Pittampali, Alexis Ohanian, Tim Ferriss, Steve Pavlina, Neil Patel, Leo Babauta, Stever Robbins, Michael Hyatt, Seth Godin, Gretchen Rubin, Graham Allcott, Brian Tracy, Scott Belsky, Chris Brogan, Mike McDerment, Matt Mullenweg, Jason Womack, Michal Szafranski, Grzegorz Marczak, Maciek Budzich, Augusto Pinaud, Victor Mazur, Simon Grabowski and others. Special thanks to all these folks who sent me their quotes and stories right away despite of a very short notice. Thanks everyone for all that you do!

David Allen, my GTD guru sent me this quote:

“Passion is not something you go after as an end in itself. It's rather a symptom of your engagement with anything into which you are fully immersed. It's also not something you usually know you have. Others notice your full involvement with something and they call it ‘passion’. I just call it doing what I feel like doing.” - David Allen, the originator of Getting Things Done

Question: How did you like my book?

Posted on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 (thoughts,passion,book)

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