★ My first iMac makes my Apple device lineup complete

After months of fighting it I finally gave in and bought a Retina iMac 5K. This purchase makes my lineup of Apple devices complete. In this short post I'd like to share a few thoughts on why I bought the iMac and what each of the Apple devices mean to me:

apple device lineup

  1. Apple Watch - it's a remote control for my iPhone. I love it so far and here's how I've set it up. It's a very natural extension of my smartphone.
  2. iPhone 6 Plus - my main computing device - I'm writing this blog post on it. I'm not iPhone-only apparently but I spend 40-50% time on my iPhone every day.
  3. iPad Air 2 - my main mobile machine. Thanks to switching mainly to iPad and writing the #iPadOnly book I've totally changed the way I use my personal computer. I use it 30-40% of my day.
  4. Macbook PRO - I thought it'd be the last PC I ever buy but eventually I replaced it today with my new iMac. My wife will be getting it so it stays in our household. This way we'll always have a laptop should we need one.
  5. iMac Retina 5k - my new PC. Thanks to the fact that everything I use is in the cloud I now can enjoy an enormous screen if I need one - and it's there in my home office. I'll be using it 20-30% of my day... And I already love looking at this gorgeous screen.

Thanks to the fact that I work mostly on iOS devices I now can easily incorporate my new iMac into my flow.

I guess I'm now a perfect Apple customer with their entire lineup in my household... Well, I'm really happy with my setup now:

productivity on Retina screens :-)

Question: did you get the latest iMac? How do you like it so far?

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Posted on Monday, June 22, 2015 (apple,mac)

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