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While reading the book by David Allen "Getting Things Done - the Art of Stress-free Productivity", I couldn't escape many "a-ha" moments when I realized what David is saying is just pure common sense and most of it I already knew but never cared to put into practice. One of these "obvious discoveries" I've made is the "2-minute rule" which says:
"If an action will take less than two minutes, it should be done at the moment it is defined." (David Allen)
When I realized how powerful this rule is, I started searching for 2-minute actions during my busy day and found out that there are really many of them! When you know something takes less than two minutes - you just don't have any excuse for not doing it. While reading many articles by the productivity bloggers, I jotted down my favorite tips and "hacks" to keep them in mind for the future and maybe later share them with my Nozbe community. Then I realized these small pieces of advice can be presented in a form of a video series. This is how the idea of the "2-minute Productivity Show" came to life. I just thought - if I can squeeze some great tips and tricks into a short video that would last only two minutes - my users will watch it. After all, it's just two minutes! To date I've recorded one introductory video and 5 episodes of the series. Let me briefly introduce them to you: 1 - The Famous 2-minute Rule In this episode we're discussing the two-minute rule by David Allen. I'm also showing you how a small two-minute timer can help you determine your two-minute actions. 2 - The INBOX and my inboxes Here I'm sharing with viewers how many inboxes I have set up and how I'm using them to make sure I capture all the ideas and information worth processing. 3 - How to EMPTY your INBOX Setting up the inboxes is nice, but in order for them to really work for you, they need to be emptied on a regular basis. In this video I'm showing some basic do's and don'ts when emptying inboxes. 4 - A life outside of Email Is Email ruling your life? Are you depending on Email and feel it's overwhelming you with so many emails coming in? Here are my tips showing you how you can get a life outside of email. 5 - Processing to Zero Not all the messages need to be responded to, however all the messages need to be processed. What's the difference? Learn in this video. Since the interest in the videos is growing, I decided to publish new video every Wednesday on the Nozbe blog. Hope you like them - I'd be happy to receive your comments and feedback.

Posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2008 (magazine)

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Adam Kruszewski
Mar 13, 2009 10:59
Thanks for sharing those tips in such manageable format :) Regards, a.