Macbook Air week - new mobile office, new show

This week has been all about the new Apple's Macbook Air laptop. I posted my thoughts on it yesterday and although I'm disappointed to hear it doesn't have the backlit keyboard and it doesn't work with the Apple remote, I might still upgrade my old Air just to get longer battery life and instant-on with 4GB or RAM.

Speaking of my current Macbook Air, here's my new Productive! Show video featuring a perfect mobile-office bag for the Air and all the accessories I use with it that help me get stuff done with my ultraportable laptop:

You can always browse my past Productive! Shows (I recorded more than 25 of them by now) on the new Productive! Firm web site.

And which bag do you use to carry your mobile office with you?

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Posted on Friday, October 22, 2010 (apple,office,video)

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