► Last year's interview with Marcus Platt on Little Book of Nozbe

This interview was published last year on our Nozbe YouTube Channel but it's very relevant still for people trying out getting organized with Nozbe - and it's an amazing example of why I love what I do, when I get to talk to fans of our work who build something new based on it. This is what Marcus did - he wrote a book about Nozbe Little Book Of Nozbe and a lite version and now updated it to Nozbe 3. In this interview you'll learn behind the scenes of how the book came to be and what was his motivation to write it and our to help him promote it :-)

Interview with Marcus

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This was episode 103. For the past episodes of the Productive Show please check out the archives where I interview some amazing folks for the Productive! Magazine and this site. Thanks!

Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2016 (video)

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