New uncluttered space is a place for creative thinking

As I've already mentioned on my blog, we've moved to a new apartment where I'll finally have a dedicated room for a home office. I'm working currently on the whole IT-office-setup for my home office and for our house. It's a constant work in progress - but the main "theme" is to have the least clutter possible....


If you've been following my blog for a while know, you might know my cool clutter-free cabinet.

It's a thing I've been really proud of - takes the least amount of space and manages to pack my laptop, external monitor and another laptop (that acts as my home server)

Less space is cool, but there is no room to breathe

Now that I have a dedicated room to work, I have a big desk where I can fit all of my stuff and have lots of space to feel better... and I must tell you - having a big desk with just a few things on it and lots of "unused" space feels really fantastic... and gives you more "creative room" to breathe and think.

It's a work-in-progress but it's almost done now

I'll post next week about the results of "pimping my new desk" and you'll see the steps it took to make it really perfect.

One important hint - don't put anything on the desk unless you need it there.

The desk I have is really big... so started "littering" it with stuff... because I could :-) ... and I made it really quickly an impossible place to work... I had to get rid of everything from my desk and only put the stuff I really need there - my laptop, my other laptop and hardly anything more... and I could work again.

If you can - get a big desk and make it clean and uncluttered

Having lots of clean, uncluttered space on the desk makes you feel great.. and creative... gives you space to breathe and if you have to sit by this desk 10-12 hours a day to get stuff done, this makes a big difference.

What's your working space? What's your productive desk? Link them up! Let me know!

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Posted on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 (gtd,office,productivity)

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Dec 9, 2009 10:20
very, very true!
I am also a fan of huge clutter-free surfaces. My desk is still "under construction", as I'm furnishing the whole room, but clean surface is a must. And the style of the desk does not matter - it should meet individual preferences.
Also I would extend this opinion to other rooms and surfaces: kitchen, small home-workshop etc. In every place clean, clutter-free space is a space where things are being done faster, better and with more pleasure.
Michael Sliwinski
Dec 9, 2009 11:18
Thanks for your great comment! Glad you agree.

I'll post more details and photos of my brand new clutter-free desk next week on this blog. I'm almost done with it and it looks great and feels great for working.

I don't know why but whenever I look at my desk what comes to my mind is the song by Dave Matthews Band: "Space between..." :-)