No rocket science here: Google’s trust problem (hin t: use @Nozbe and @Evernote)

Google’s trust problem screenshot

Now that Google shut down Reader and is launching a new service - an Evernote competitor - Google Keep - people keep questioning whether they should try it or not. It's a no brainer - of course not. Duh!

I run Nozbe and we have a profitable company because we charge our customers a few bucks per month - this gives our customers two benefits - they can demand things from us - as they pay for it with their own money - and they know, we're in it for the long haul. We can plan our work, our development and everything else. And we're focused on our app - to make it the best project and task management app there is. And thanks to our customers, we have means to do it.

I use Evernote - and I pay for my Evernote premium account - as I know these guys are focused on their app and are supported not only by VC money, but mostly by the money we pay them. Evernote is their core business. Nozbe is mine... in Google's case - it's advertising. You are not a customer, you are a product.

Today I still depend on Gmail and heavily use Google Docs but I'm thinking about switching from these services as well...

Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2013

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