★ How we get our reunions done. Meeting my entire Nozbe team

Today our Nozbe reunion starts and it means that all of us remote workers get to one hotel and spend a week here. To enjoy quality time together, to strategize, to brainstorm, to strengthen our team. This is how we do it:

nozbe reunion

We rent a hotel for a week in the middle of nowhere. Usually in a place where most of the team can get to easily. We arrive for late lunch at 3pm on a Monday and leave on Sunday after breakfast.

We start with a keynote of mine where I recap where we are. Where we were and where we want to go. We agree on the reunion's schedule and I pre announce the presentations by other team members which will take place during the week.

We spend a long first evening together chilling out, talking, drinking beer. Since the last meeting in the spring we've grown 30% and when compared to a year ago, we've doubled our team count, so we need to catch up, get to know the new guys and gals. And just enjoy the first quiet evening before a long and demanding week.

And what will we do on Tuesday and beyond!? I'll write more about it tomorrow after we've already done the the fist day. It's going to be really cool to spend all this time with my team. Right here right now. Can't wait. More tomorrow. Good night ;-)

Question: Do you work remotely?

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Posted on Monday, September 21, 2015 (NoOffice,NozbeReunion)

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