Now on the iPad - Productive! Magazine #8 with Jason Fried coming to your favorite reading device!

As you recall, last week we shipped the long-awaited Productve! Magazine issue #8 on the PDF with an exclusive interview with my personal software/business guru - Jason Fried. A guy who inspired me to go on my own and launch Nozbe back in 2007, bootstrap it and develop it to a business that helps thousands upon thousands of busy professionals around the world get things done. Get the iPad version of the Productive! Magazine The PDF was a blast with thousands of downloads in the first week, but if you've been waiting for the iPad version of the magazine, check out your iPad as you might have received a "push" notification about this new issue: Productive! Magazine iPad #8 If you don't have our iPad app just yet, get it from the Appstore today. More great content in issue #8 But there is more… we also have some fantastic articles by best productivity writers like Leo Babauta, Michael Hyatt, Pat Brans, Chris Edgar, Graham Allcott, Mike Vardy and yours truly - make sure to check it out: Productive! Magazine TOC #8 With special video material The interview with Jason starts with a short 1-minute video snippet (viewable offline) from my real-life interview with him we did when I visited his offices in Chicago, IL. Moreover 3 episodes of Productive! Show are also embedded with this issue (connection required). …and there is one more thing - issue #1 coming to the iPad next month! As you know we've ported issues #5 onwards to the iPad and now we're working on bringing you the past issues to the iPad, too. The issue #1 with David Allen (the guy who actually invented GTD - Getting Things Done) is coming to the iPad near you next month, also with exclusive video content (just recorded a cool interview with David!) so stay tuned. As always, I'd appreciate your support and recommending our magazine to everyone you know - it's a free publication (both as a PDF and the iPad app) so make sure to spread the word! Good luck enjoying Productive! Magazine on the iPad! P.S. Remember you can access all of our past issues on the Productive! Magazine archive page. Past issues include Guy Kawasaki, Michael Bungay Stanier, Leo Babauta, David Allen, Stever Robbins, Miguel Guia and others…

Posted on Thursday, June 9, 2011 (ipad,magazine)

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Dec 9, 2011 20:01
Love the magazine, butbthebipad app isn't working for me. Locks up, takes forever to download. Deleted and installed twice?? Suggestions?