★ Optimism pays. Why optimistic people are successful and get more done

As everyone probably knows, I’m an incurable optimist. For some, it’s even become something to joke about :-) Not that I have a problem with that – it means that my optimistic attitude is working, and it’s contagious. Optimism helps me in every aspect: relationships with others, business, managing my team and… productivity. In this article I want to show you why:


Note: This article was first published in Polish as The Editor's Note in Productive! Magazine Polska in June '16.

(Not) a difficult choice

Just consider these two options: you can complain about having too much work... or be happy that you have a job, that you have control over a lot of things, and that you achieve bigger or smaller successes thanks to your own effort. You can be depressed if a campaign that you organized didn’t have the desired outcome... or you can get the team together, analyze all the data and create a new, more effective campaign. Which of these options sounds more appealing?

You tell me:

Optimists have an easier life

No one likes being around miserable people who spread a negative aura around themselves, pull others down and stifle ideas. In the long run, people start to avoid them, which makes them even more sad...

Optimism and the courage it fosters are the secret weapons of any entrepreneur. The ability to see the bright side in difficult situations and even the most miserable failures can provide important lessons for the future, and this differentiates successful people from others. Not huge successes, like piles of gold and fame, but also small victories that help develop what you’ve started without giving up.

Glass shouldn't be half empty!

Seeing the glass as half full rather than empty inspires action, allows you to appreciate your previous achievements and on this basis, continue your efforts instead of abandoning your plans and breaking down.

With a positive attitude it’s easier to get out of bed in the morning, it takes less effort to accept a few extra hours of work or unforeseen problems and it’s easier to plan future objectives and undertakings.

Rational optimism

Optimism, however, shouldn’t pull the wool over your eyes – each time you have to analyze failures and learn from your own mistakes without letting them overwhelm you.

An optimistic attitude influences our decisions. A negative attitude and “doom and gloom” will make you act slowly, shyly, ineffectively, and you won’t be able to spread your wings. As a pessimist you’ll take small steps, thinking about potential or past failures, stuck in your own fear. Meanwhile, others will make progress, doing what you’re afraid to do and sometimes even think about! Does that make any sense?

Optimistic advice

A positive attitudes comes from the "inside" – it often results from how you feel in your own skin and whether you feel good with the life you’ve created for yourself. These issues require hard work from you – you can do it alone or use the help of a psychologist, coach or psychotherapist. There are, however, some small things that can help you become an optimist:

  • gratitude ritual – every morning I express thanks for three things or events which made me feel happy – it works;

  • sport, rest and a good diet – in a healthy body there’s a healthy mind – what’s else is there to say :-)

  • waking early without hitting snooze and delaying the alarm – this simple habit connected with the first thing you do every morning will give each subsequent day the proper, energetic direction;

  • vision of the future – every once in a while spend some time painting a glorious vision of the future – dreams are the first step of every plan or venture;

  • passion – find your [passion][pas] – it will give you wings, strength and patience;

  • surround yourself with positive people – keep pessimists, moaners and fault-finders at a distance or try to infect them with your optimism :-)

Question: Do you see the glass half full or empty? How does it affect your personal and business decisions?

Posted on Monday, July 18, 2016 (life,business)

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