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"It's all about passion!" - The 7 types of passion I discovered over 7 years of running my productivity startup

It's all about passion - 9

Passion for a Solution

You don't have to bet everything

Many startup experts tell you to just quit your job and bet it all on your grand idea and you'll succeed. Most guys who tell you this have actually never made the leap. I'd tell you to do the contrary. Keep your day job and work on your idea on the side and see how it goes.

You'll have plenty of time to make the leap and take it full time. I started my Nozbe journey when I was married and we were already thinking about having our first child with my wife. And we already had a mortgage. I couldn't make the big leap as I had to pay the bills.

I'm not the only one here. 37signals, the now-famous web-app company was still doing the client work the first year they launched Basecamp - their flagship project management solution. Only after one full year they decided to "ditch the clients" and focus on their web-app. Bob Parsons, now CEO of GoDaddy - the world's most successful domain registrar, started his business of accounting software in the evenings and he failed to get traction his first three years. He persisted and after a few years sold his company to Intuit for millions of dollars.

Only after a year of running Nozbe I decided to take the leap and to work on Nozbe full-time. I hired my first programmer mid-2008 and now after all these years he's still with me and he's my CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and we are working together perfectly. I also hired my first customer-support person and now she runs my entire customer support department. We are like three musketeers.

The point of the story is to highlight that if you're passionate about your solution and if you have enough patience, you'll eventually succeed. It takes time and a lot of hard work, but eventually it does work out. My advice would be not to bet it all too early on your new thing by dropping everything else, but to bet everything in a sense of working on this every evening, step by step.

“Are you passionate about an idea, project, or cause? Do you care enough about your organization to defend that cause, navigate the inevitable obstacles, and push it through the bureaucracy? Well then you’re a champion…” - Al Pittampali, author of “The Modern Meeting Standard”

Surprise - my passion for a solution resulted in a business

As I mentioned - each type of passion comes with a surprise. While I was trying to solve my own problem of getting organized and I "scratched my own itch" and built my own productivity software, I was surprised to find a business there. A business that would later change my life forever.

The thing is, if you see a solution for yourself, chances are that there are more people like you all over the world who think the same way and work the same way... and for whom your kind of solution "just works".

I tend to say that "there are more Michaels (people working like me) in the world than I initially thought". Nozbe is now strong in the productivity industry with countless to-do and project management applications, so the competition is very stiff. Yet hundreds of thousands of people (and hopefully millions in the future) find out that managing your personal and you company's lifestyle with Nozbe is "their way" to do it and they love my kind of solution.

Again, the mainstream media tell you to "rule the world" and "build a billion-dollar business" but very few business get there. For me the surprise was to find a business "at all" in what I was doing. To discover so many people and companies love to work and get organized the way I do. This is the magic of being passionate about a solution - even though you might know that many people have the same problem you're having... you will be surprised how many of them (and then some!) need your kind of a solution. I was. I still am. And that drives me forward and ignites my passion even more.

You don't have to "rule the market" to find a business. The market is very big and if you're passionate about your solution, you might be in for a surprise of finding a business where you never thought you'd find one. Remember, I didn't want to share Nozbe with anyone - I built it for myself and used it for almost two years before launching. I didn't expect this kind of surprise.

Many people see a problem - only few are passionate about a solution

This is what sets you apart. While people see problems, they very rarely dedicate their time to finding a solution, let alone building one. This is where your passion for a solution matters and where it makes all the difference in the world... and where you're helping others solve their problems. This is where you are really changing the world. Go for it. Be passionate about your solution and you'll create a great product... which we'll discuss in the next chapter.

To be continued... or get the book free and continue reading :-)

Question: Have you ever tried to build a solution to a problem that bothered you?

Posted on Monday, October 6, 2014 (passionbook,startup)

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