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"It's all about passion!" - The 7 types of passion I discovered over 7 years of running my productivity startup

It's all about passion - 12

Passion 3: Product

Find a mission or slogan or headline for your product

Out of my passion for Nozbe came our main "slogan" which says: "Simply Get Everything Done!".

It seems trivial, but each part of that sentence stands for something:

  • Simply - our product needs to be simple. People should be able to use it without a manual. All the decisions we make should go towards this goal. Too many taps? Too many clicks? Not simple enough? How to simplify this? We keep on asking this questions every day.
  • Get Done - our product needs to help people complete things, finish stuff. Many to-do or project management apps focus on the "management" part too much. They let users fiddle too much with their tasks and projects. We are not a "task manager", we are a "task doer" - with Nozbe you get things done first, and manage stuff later.
  • Everything - our product works for both your personal as well as professional life. While logged in to my Nozbe account I manage both my company as well as my family projects and tasks. We run customer support, product development and everything else through Nozbe - our product should be versatile enough to help us do all we need to accomplish our goals. That's why we also integrate Nozbe with Dropbox, Box, Evernote and other apps.

With our new Nozbe 2.0 we took it even to a new level by nicknaming this release "OneNozbe". What it means is that Nozbe should feel the same way on the mobile platforms as well as on the desktop ones. Whenever we make a UI decision, we keep asking ourselves how it would impact other devices, how would it work on larger or smaller screen sizes. It has to "feel" as OneNozbe. Same application, same feel, but created perfectly for each screen size and device.

As you can see, this passion for product results in slogans or nicknames that not only help you identify yourself with your product, but also influence your decisions on each level in the company. And my job as the CEO is to be really passionate about guarding the product by questioning each decision according to what we believe in.

Your surprising product

As with previous types of passion - my passion for product brought a few surprises that literally blew me away.

Surprise 1. You got yourself a great product.

The first and the most obvious one is that ultimately you'll have a great product. When you're passionate about it, it's going to "grow up" beautifully and you'll be amazed to see what you've created. Your customers will appreciate it so much.

My personal assistant said to me one day: "Michael, I love working for you and managing your email because every day at least one person writes to you to thank you for Nozbe and for what you're doing. This makes me so happy!". If it makes my assistant happy, think about how it makes me feel. This is why I wouldn't change this job for anything else. Being passionate about your product really pays off.

Surprise 2. You've built trust and bond with your users

Over the years of running Nozbe I saw many competitors show up with some really cool ideas... but they ultimately faded away and users who signed up for their service later started searching for alternatives and found my Nozbe.

What happened is that when people see your product is not moving fast, is not getting better and is not being worked on, they feel cheated. Yes, cheated. They have invested their time and energy (and probably even money) to support your product and it turns out they are more passionate about it than the people who actually build it. It's not fair.

That's why it's key to keep on improving and shipping. When you do that, people notice and feel you are all on the same boat. You build a bond of trust that reassures your customers you are worthy of their support.

Surprise 3. The word about your passion spreads

My app's marketing depends mostly on the word of mouth. When my customers notice I'm passionate about my product and I'm making it better, they feel comfortable sharing good word about it to their peers. They don't feel cheated recommending something that is not being improved and worked on. They feel they can spread the word and their reputation will not be on the line, because you care and you're truly passionate about your product. They remember how your product makes them feel and they'd be happy to pass this feeling on to others.

Passion for a product spirals even further...

When you're passionate about your product, you begin to understand your customers a lot more... and this leads to being more involved with your industry and by trying to contribute more and share more, in the end you end up having passion for it. This is what happened to me - and we'll discuss this in the next chapter.

To be continued... or get the book free and continue reading :-)

Question: What are your favorite and the most accurate product slogans you know?

Posted on Friday, October 24, 2014 (passionbook,product)

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