✔ It's all about passion! - Passion 7: Synergies [part 1]

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"It's all about passion!" - The 7 types of passion I discovered over 7 years of running my productivity startup

It's all about passion - 21

Passion 7: Synergies [Part 1]

"I would rather die of passion than of boredom" - Vincent van Gogh, painter

Passionate people attract passionate people

No. This chapter is not about being attracted to an opposite sex and falling with them in a passionate love. It's about sharing your passion with others and how your passion attracts and inspires other passionate people.

People who are passionate about something want to share their passion with others. This gives them great energy to be passionate even more. And the best of all is if they share their passion with someone who's also passionate about something. Anything. These can be totally different passions. It doesn't matter. Where there is passion involved, there is love and love is all we need and are supposed to share, right?

Passion has no boundaries

When there is passion involved, the conventional status symbols don't matter. A passionate billionaire will be happier talking to a passionate poor man met on the street than being forced to a conversation on a fancy cocktail party with another billionaire who only cares about money. Passion is an amazing connector.

Passion is contagious

When you share passion with others and they share theirs with you, your horizons stretch and your happiness grows. These are the moments you forget time exists and you get the passion virus from that other person and are inclined to share it with others, too. It's like a virus and it's a very happy one. What happens when I meet passionate people is an amazing experience for me every time. I'm always in for a treat and I can never wait to meet a person passionate about their stuff.

Passionate people need each other

People love to share and if they are passionate about something, they want to share it with as many people as possible. Badly. The "passion virus" needs to be spread and does everything it can to contaminate others.

Passionate people will be happy to talk to you. All you need to ask them is what they do, what they love... or more precise: what they are passionate about. And, boy, they will tell you. Remember, they need to share their passion and you want to listen. Believe me, you do. Listening to someone talking about their passion and observing their feelings is the best thing… and it pumps up your emotions and helps you uncover your passion within.

To be continued... or get the book free and continue reading :-)

Question: Do you like talking to other people about your passion?

Posted on Friday, February 6, 2015 (passionbook)

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