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Note: This is the 25th excerpt from my book "It's all about passion" which I wrote and shared as a gift to my readers and my Nozbe customers on my 35th birthday. You can get the entire digital ebook (PDF, Mobi or ePub) for free or buy from Amazon (all proceeds go to charity).

I will be publishing the entire book as a series of blog posts over the next weeks here every Friday, so you can read it bit by bit (I know you might be too busy to read an entire book at once). I'm also doing it to be able to "talk to you" about each chapter in the comments section below, so make sure to post your feedback, questions and your passion-related stories in the comments. Thank you for your passion!

"It's all about passion!" - The 7 types of passion I discovered over 7 years of running my productivity startup

It's all about passion - 25

Steve Jobs was right

In this book I quoted Steve Jobs a couple of times. The impact he’s made on me and millions of other people is amazing. My friend, Grzegorz, shares his story and pays tribute to the late CEO of Apple:

"Steve Jobs used to say it's really essential to have a job that you really love. And you know what? He was right.

Thanks to my blog I am having a professional adventure of a life-time at the age of 39. Seriously. If in 2006 someone had told me that in a few years time I was going to visit half of the world discovering the most interesting technologies available on the market and that the chairmen of the biggest corporations were going to read my scribbles and that I was going to have my own company and team, I would probably laugh in their faces.

Today, something that was unimaginable back then, has become a reality. I love what I do and I dread that this adventure could be over one day and I would have to do something else. If you don't know how it feels to actually love your job, envision that you come to work for pleasure and that you can work for more than 10 hours a day not feeling tired at all. Imagine also that every completed task instantly brings huge satisfaction and that you finally can feel the positive excitement as everything that happens only depends on you.

I wish the same for you. Find a job like this for yourselves. Once you do, you will feel that you are right at the beginning of the greatest and most passionate adventure ever."

Passion, Personal Brand and Business...

My book has a mixture of these things. My friend, Maciek, explains why these concepts come together very nicely and compliment each other:

"Passion, personal brand and one’s own business – I love the combination of these three phrases and the connection between them.

Passion. It can become an impulse leading your actions. Thanks to it you’re able to achieve many totally unthinkable things. Michael described it in a great way when mentioning his seven types of passion.

Passion keeps you going when you drive hundreds of kilometers to meet the people who share you passions. It lets you spend hours learning new things or exchanging the experience and knowledge with others. Passion allows one to conquer the status quo and change your thinking mode to a creative one in order to search for non-standard solutions.

Personal brand. Building it takes years but it’s a great investment. What comes to your mind when you think of Mercedes, BMW or Volvo? A brand is a kind of a promise, you can even call it a commitment.

Your name can also become a brand like this. When you attend Tim Ferris', Michael Hyatt's or Seth Godin’s lecture, the topic is of the lesser concern – you can be sure you are going to hear a top quality speech. A strong personal brand also makes it easier to start new projects. Just imagine Michael wants to start up a new business – let’s say… energetic drinks for triathlonists :) and an application to go with. If he was just a newbie, it would be very difficult. But because he has already proven to be a great CEO, he would be able to assemble a new team and find reliable partners. Obviously, personal brand is nothing more than an aid here. It’s a promise, but not a lie – the moment for "the check" always comes next.

And when the passion and personal brand come together to make your business flourish, it’s as if you had a yacht with a top-quality sail and charismatic and brave captain on the bridge. You are the one to decide where you want to go and who you take on board to sail with you towards the success.

I hope that after reading Michael’s story, you will be brave enough to embark on your own journey."

To be continued... or get the book free and continue reading :-)

Question: Is your job your passion?

Posted on Friday, March 6, 2015 (passionbook)

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