[Preview of PM #2] Cover and Interview with Guy Kawasaki

After a long New Year's break the Productive Magazine will be coming back with the issue #2! Thanks to your great feedback we're hoping to make it the best issue ever and we've got some great articles for you to enjoy in this first issue in 2009... and some of them will be exclusive pieces written by bloggers solely for the magazine! The Cover and the featured Interview... with Guy Kawasaki! Yes, that's correct. After David Allen in #1, we've got Guy Kawasaki for #2 - an interview I did with Guy back in December about life, entrepreneurship, his new book... and getting things done. I think we both had a great time with the interview, here are some of the quotes to give you an idea what to expect:
...important point about productivity and hiring: sometimes one should look beyond the lack of a perfect background... ...I don't know of a place on earth where failure is more tolerated than Silicon Valley... ...business is also deceptive because things are never as good or as bad as they seem.... ...If you change the world, you'll probably make money.... ...If my advice is "too obvious," why are many companies doing so many silly things? As your magazine shows, there's knowing the obvious and doing the obvious. The two are different...
You'll be able to read the entire interview in the next issue of the magazine.... coming soon as a free download here, so stay tuned! One more thing, if you're an entrepreneur and need some good, "never-too-obvious" advice, I highly recommend Guy's new book: "Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Outmanaging, and Outmarketing Your Competition"

Posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 (magazine,preview)

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