Productive! Magazine #10 on the iPad

Getting the magazine ready for PDF and iPad versions requires actually to prepare three versions of the magazine:

1) PDF version for vertical viewing
2) iPad-specific horizontal version
3) iPad-specific vertical version

That's why we are always a little late with the iPad version of our newest issues of the Productive! Magazine. Hopefully the newest issue that's coming (#11) will launch at the same time in both versions. Meanwhile enjoy Seth Godin and amazing articles on your iPad (get our free iPad app)

In this issue I managed to squeeze down my interview with Seth to just a 1-minute trailer - make sure to watch it on the iPad :-)

Anyway, making the magazine is fun and I'm so happy so many people are reading it and loving it. Contrary to the popular thinking, it doesn't bring lots of new users to Nozbe, but it does raise my credibility with my current Nozbe users as they can obviously see that I'm really passionate about productivity and I care to bring them more than just a great tool but also something inspiring to read.
I'm Michael Sliwinski and I'm an entrepreneur who's also the...
.. Founder of - a time and project management web application
.. Editor of Productive! Magazine - a global PDF publication on productivity
.. and a blogger as well as a producer of a weekly 2-minute Productive! show.

Posted on Monday, November 28, 2011 (productivity)

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