Productive! Magazine #13 to be launched next week!

It's summer, but we want you to be productive this Fall season so we've just compiled something that might inspire you and help you hack your way to a focused productivity in the coming months, next week we'll be launching Productive! Magazine #13 with Graham Allcott (here's my video interview with Graham) - the author of a new book: "How to become a Productivity Ninja". Productive! Magazine #13 Here's the Table of contents: 1) Becoming a Productivity Ninja - Interview with Graham Allcott 2) My car navigation uses GTD! - by Krzysztof Wysocki 3) Akrasia, The Planner Self and Lazy Self - by Daniel Reeves and Jill Renaud 4) Kick time management to the curb and focus on your attention management - by Maura Nevel Thomas 5) Focus... and how to improve it every day - by Gonçalo Gil Mata 6) Can Yoga Make You More Productive? - by Sinead Mac Manus 7) Power of Unschedule and Pomodoro Technique - by Michael Sliwinski 8) Productive! Show Videos 9) Why Killing Time Isn’t a Sin - by Leo Babauta Many new contributors there, some really fantastic articles. Almost there, tune in next week to grab your free PDF or iPad copy.

Posted on Thursday, August 16, 2012 (magazine)

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