Productive! Magazine #13 with Graham Allcott - Become a Productivity Ninja!

I'm proud to announce today a new issue of the Productive! Magazine #13 with a good friend of mine and a long-time contributor Graham Allcott - where we're talking about his new book on "How to Become a Productivity Ninja": Productive! Magazine #13 Click to go to the download page This issue is also available on our iPad app Productive! Magazine #13 Here's the table of contents: Productive! Magazine #13 We've got some great new contributors in this issue and I'll be tweeting about them over the next few days. Note: In issue #13 we encourage you to sign up to our Productive! Newsletter to download the issue. We treat your data very seriously and I won't be emailing you more than once or twice a month (if that!) and only about the Productive! Magazine or Productive! Show. Nothing else. Why this change? Because I really want to build a nice, great community of productivity-focused professionals and I want to make sure you never miss anything that would inspire you to achieve greatness! Yours - Michael Sliwinski, the editor :-)

Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 (launch,magazine)

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