Productive Magazine #2 with Guy Kawasaki

Today we've launched the 2nd issue of the Productive Magazine with an exclusive interview with Guy Kawasaki inside (by yours truly) and 10 great articles by many productivity bloggers. Click on the image to see the whole announcement:
There are several things I love about this issue of the magazine and the whole Productive Magazine project:
  1. I get to work with great people. My co-editors are Dustin Wax of Stepcase Lifehack and Lori Anderson. It's a pleasure to be working with them on such an amazing project.
  2. I get to connect with great people. I did the interview with Guy Kawasaki. He actually knows me :-) Most amazing bloggers in the blogosphere are writing articles for my magazine. Incredible.
  3. I'm doing something new and different. Just think about it - Productive Magazine is the first global magazine on productivity... and it's free! I'm changing the world - Guy would be proud.
This is why soon after I came back from the GTD Summit I decided to make this project one of my priorities and I'm optimizing all the processes to make sure we can get one magazine every other month... and eventually every month. Let's see if we can make this happen. Meanwhile I encourge you to download the magazine and let me know what you think in the comments!

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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