Productive Magazine #4 preview - Working Effectively from Home

Yes, now it's real and Productive Magazine will be released in March (this year :-) so the waiting is almost over. Here are some quotes from my "editor note" in the magazine. We're now finishing the editing and compiling the magazine. Almost there, here you go: Why the delay...
The delay has been caused mainly by lots of stuff going on in my private life, ie. my responsibilities as a father and our move to a new apartment. Because of these life-changing factors, the time I had left to work has been used to focus on my company, my web app - Nozbeand the new web app that we are going to release this year.
What's the theme...
Since in my company we don't have real physical office space (everyone works from home, including yours truly), there's always a challenge of balance between work and private life. The two boundaries blend and very often it's hard to draw the lines between the two.
Why home-office...
The main rationale behind working from home is not a way to save money. It is mostly a lifestyle choice and I love it. I have fallen in love with the concept when I was in college writing my final thesis on Teleworking (Telecommuting). This is why the theme of this issue of Productive! Magazine is working from home and we have great experts to help me tell more about the subject.
We've got some real experts on board...
First off, we've got the ueber-blogger Leo Babauta who writes his most popular blog on the Internet, Zen Habits directly from his home office on the beautiful island of Guam or from San Francisco (OK, not yet, but he is moving there this year!). We also have Stephanie Dickinson, one of the most famous home-office worker on the planet, author of "The 30-second commute".
And regular contributors...
To cover the theme of productivity of self-employed home-worker, we've got Art Carden's review of the 2-year-long New York Times bestseller "Four hour workweek", Michael Hyatt, my personal role model, will tell you how to delegate even when you don't have anyone working for you. Similarly, Mike Vardy, our laughter guru, will tell you how to outsource... in a very humorous way and Steven Aitchison will tell you how to make irrational thoughts go away.
I will also tune in with my contributions. You should sign up for our newsletter and subscribe to our blog here and watch out for Productive Magazine #4 in March!

Posted on Monday, February 22, 2010 (magazine,preview)

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