Productive Magazine #6 will be about single-tasking

We've had a blast with the #5 issue of the Productive! Magazine and we're now finishing the #6 and #7. We're hoping to have #6 ready by mid-November and #7 by Xmas. The "stars" featured in these magazines will be Stever Robbins (the "Get-It-Done Guy") in #6 and Michael Hyatt (CEO of Thomas Nelson) in #7.

I've been listening to Stever's podcast for a while now and it's been my pleasure to interview him for this issue of the magazine, here are some quotes from this interview:
"The podcast idea was born of two impulses. The humor and style came because I wanted an outlet where I could be fun and creative—two things generally frowned upon in business. The topic came because I've spent my life obsessed with finding ways to do things better, stronger, and faster. When I realized that other people valued the ideas I'd developed and collected, it seemed like a great way to turn my lifelong quest into a podcast that could help people."
"Typical day? There's no such thing. I usually get up and start working around 9 a.m. I do my best writing in the morning, so that's when I'll work on articles or other writing-based projects. I work out around lunchtime, grab lunch, and my afternoons often have more people activities."
Apart from interviewing Stever we've got some really cool articles for you:
  • Myths on Multitasking by Pat Brans
  • Mindfully Moving Beyond Multitasking by Chris Edgar
  • Single-tasking is good for you by yours truly :-)
  • Engaged Employees are More Productive by Laura Stack
  • How to NOT do everything on your to-do list by Leo Babauta
  • 10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Done Yet by Michael Hyatt
  • The Art And Science Of The Next Action by James Mallinson
  • What’s the DEAL? by Mike Vardy
Hope you can't wait as much as we do. In the meantime download the iPad app and you'll get an update there once the magazine is out. As always, it'll be FREE in PDF and $0.99 on the iPad. Two more things:
  1. We're looking for some folks who could help us with editing (last read before it's going to production) - if you like editing text, are US or Canadian native and have some spare time and would want to dedicate a couple of hours for a piece of Internet fame, let us know.
  2. The articles for #7 are not final yet, so make sure to submit yours :-)

Posted on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 (magazine)

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