Productive Magazine looks really great on the iPad and iPhone

We’ve always wanted the Productive Magazine to look really stunning on your computer screens and we’ve been praised for the professional looks of our free PDF magazine. However, we’ve recently found out that the fonts we used in the magazine are somehow (for reasons we don’t understand) not readable on the Apple’s iPhone and the newly launched iPad. Maciek "Mediafun" Budzich, our technical editor, worked hard on this and now Productive Magazine #4 on your iPad looks like this:

If you do have an iPad get your own free copy of PDF Productive Magazine with lots of cool productivity tips and tricks and an interview I did with Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. And if you have an iPhone, our magazine looks great there, too:
Yesterday I sent email to our Productive Magazine Newsletter subscribers about this and I've been overwhelmed with great response:
Great job getting this prepped for the ipad!  I was initially disappointed when I download all 4 editions to my goodreader only to find the text jumbled.  I was just reading the 4th edition on my ipad during my commute this morning - great job! - Bill
- If there ever was a magazine that fits me perfectly is yours - Mark
- Many thanks for the tips and keep up the great work. - Bob
My fellow Twitter friend Marcus Platt tweeted his photo of the magazine "in his hands", saying: "iPad version of productive magazine now looks great on iPad. :)"
... and the feedback goes on and on. If you want to read Productive Magazine horizontally on the iPad, it also looks cool:
Anyway, did you like the new magazine? Any suggestions/ideas for the next one? I'm aiming at getting it done mid-June, so stay tuned!

Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2010 (ipad,iphone,magazine,productivity)

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