Productive Magazine - there will be an iPad app for that!

Wow, together with Macoscope guys, these same fine folks who brought you the Nozbe iPad & iPhone apps, we've been working for several months on the Productive Magazine's native iPad app. Yes, we want to join the league of Wired magazine and other cool magazines. And we want to give you the best reading experience for the iPad. It's coming very soon, and here's a quick preview of the cover page in the portrait mode:

... and when you rotate the iPad to the landscape mode you get a little different version of the same cover: And this rotation/double-version thing will hold true for the entire magazine. We're hoping to give you the best reading experience for the iPad and we're sure you'll love it. It'll contain video content and more... so stay tuned. One more thing - the iPad version of the magazine will cost $0.99 (0.79 EUR) - to cover our video streaming and compilation costs. And if you still don't want to pay, you'll always be able to just download the free PDF version to your iBooks app. It'll be totally up to you.

Posted on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 (ipad,magazine)

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Aidil Sharizaq
Oct 14, 2010 11:02
I've read all the previous issue in PDF . Great to see now I can have it in an app format, which is easier for me to digest. Keep it coming!
Michael Sliwinski
Oct 19, 2010 15:47
It is a lot easier to digest. We submitted the app to the Appstore and it just looks and works great. It READS a lot better than the PDF. I'm sure you'll love it. Now we're working on porting all the past issues to the iPad, too.