Productivity Bloggers - where's your article for the issue #2?

The downloads and great reviews keep on coming and I think it's safe to say the issue #1 was a great success. It's time for the issue #2. While I already know who will be on the cover and I've got some great bloggers already in the pipeline... I'd like to know if you would like to participate, too? Who can write for the Productive Magazine? If you're a blogger with an audience, write about life, productivity and/or motivation and would like to send your message to others, make sure to contact us It can be a blog post your wrote, you're writing or you're planning to write. Exclusive articles for the Magazine are more than welcome :-) What's the theme for the Productive Magazine #2? We'll be talking about our plans for the New Year, motivation, Apple... and much more... Make sure to join our Productive Magazine mailing list to be notified about the newest issue.

Posted on Monday, December 8, 2008 (magazine)

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@Stephen | Productivity in Context
Dec 23, 2008 08:55
Hi Michael, I have been doing a lot of traveling and wondered if you were still looking for articles. Please e-mail me if you need a submission for the next issue, or a future issue, especially if you have a particular topic you would like to address.