Scanning business cards - show #45

When you're at a conference you are exchanging lots of business cards with people very often. I know I do. That's why it's really important to process these cards really quickly and add them to your system. I use Photobooth and Evernote on my Mac and iPad. How do you do it?

I explain my flow in my latest Productive! Magazine Show episode:

Direct link to the video on YouTube

This can be done easily on both a Mac and an iPad.

Recently a friend of mine suggested a new app for the iPhone called Cardmunch (recently acquired by LinkedIn) which I've yet to try.

How do you handle business cards?

Posted on Friday, June 8, 2012 (video)

Jun 9, 2012 07:20
Thanks for the video. Another good one!
Tomasz Mioduszewski
Jul 13, 2012 19:57
One question: when I scan the cards, Evernote is able to search. But is there a chance to get phone number/email as a text and finally as a link to dial from my iPhone or to send a mail? Rewriting of the contact detail when you need it is kind of unproductive.
Michael Sliwinski
Jul 16, 2012 11:27
I scan business cards just because I want to "archive" them and most of the time I don't need the information from them... until I need it. But I've been recommended a service like Cardmunch for that purpose (recently acquired by Linkedin).

Jeff Ray
Nov 24, 2012 20:51
This is so great and simple. I can start on organizing my paperwork today rather than having to run out and get a scanner. Thanks so much.