Seth Godin in Productive! Magazine #10

It's my pleasure to present you with our 10th issue of the Productive! Magazine and this time we have a very special person who will without any doubt make you get more done by helping you overcome your internal resistance to become the person you've always wanted to be. Seth shares his secrets - how he writes so much, how he manages his life and achieves so much success and he's convinced you can do it, too. Click here to download the latest issue of the Productive! Magazine #10 Seth Godin in Productive! Magazine #10 This 10th issue of your favorite productivity magazine features great articles by our two new contributors: Ishita Gupta (who works with Seth Godin on his Domino Project with Amazon) and Celestine Chua (of Personal Excellence blog) as well as your regular contributors (Laura Stack, Graham Allcott, Leo Babauta and yours truly - Michael Sliwinski. Here's the complete Table of Contents: Table of Contents of Productive! Magazine #10 I'd like to thank Seth for dedicating his time for this interview and our fantastic contributors for yet another amazing content as well as our team of editors (Lori, James and Delfina) as well as our technical guru Piotr for compiling this issue so beautifully. Click here to download the latest issue of the Productive! Magazine #10 The iPad version of Productive! Magazine #10 is coming in a few days so watch out for your Productive! Magazine iPad app as it sends you the "push" notification when it's available. As always, the magazine is sponsored by your favorite time and project management application for busy professionals and teams - Nozbe. It's our 10th issue of the magazine, to read past issues, make sure to visit our Productive! Magazine Archives and get your free copies. I'd appreciate if you tweeted or shared the magazine with your friends and family on Facebook, G+ or via email - thanks so much! Hope everyone gets something out of this new issue!

Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2011 (magazine)

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