Something I'm very proud of: New @Nozbe 1.5 suite of apps, including New Webapp and Android tablet app

New Nozbe 1.5 suite of apps, i... screenshot

While we're almost ready to launch Nozbe 1.6, the Nozbe 1.5 marks an amazing milestone. For the first time ever we're having apps for all of the platforms: Web, Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android and soon WPhone.

I know only about one other time-and-project management app out there that supports so many platforms. And the best part is that we're launching 1.6 very soon, with much-awaited speed and flow improvements all around.

And it's the third version of our web app in our 6-year history. Nozbe was born as a web app in February of 2007. We re-launched the web app in August of 2009 and now in 2013 we're launching the third, newest web app. Three complete rewrites of Nozbe in 6 years... but this time we're adding lots of native clients to the mix - here's me and Tomasz, our CTO, collaborating and "communicating through tasks" on all of the available platforms:


Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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