Something I truly believe to be true: (by @MichaelHyatt) A Tale of Two Coaches: What Kind Are You?

A Tale of Two Coaches: What Ki... screenshot

Very often when I see some work done by a member of our team and I see "room for improvement" in their work, I start with highlighting what's good about it and then later I tell them what can be improved. I'd say: "Very good job with this, this and that... but regarding that other thing..."

I've been asked about it many times over - if saying something positive first and later adding "but" is not the same (or even worse) than just cutting to the chase and saying just what's wrong in the first place.

Just as Michael Hyatt, I believe it's important to highlight the positives and keep building the confidence of the people. We're too much focused on the negativity in our world and when we work, we're always first to criticize... when we should praise first and foremost if someone is doing their best, even though it can always be improved.

What do you think?

Posted on Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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