I'm Passionate about Productivity, Entrepreneurship and Technology that help us get things done

These are the three topics I'm passionate about and these are the topics I'm being asked to speak at events all over the world. I've been a keynote speaker at various conferences and events (including TEDx) in the USA, Germany and Poland. As a productivity expert I've been featured on BBC and other media channels. These days I'm extremely busy running Nozbe, so I only accept a limited number of offers to speak per year. One of my recent ones was the one at InfoShare 2018:


"Michael spoke to my team about productivity, time management and the tools that help him achieve his goals. His presentation left us motivated and excited to get more organized and achieve more in less time and with less stress. Michael speaks with authenticity and humor and delivers his productivity message with authority born of experience and passion. We could not have been more satisfied with what Michael provided us at Polidea's Non-Tech Talk." - CEO at Polidea

What I'm passionate about? Here's a list of my usual topics:

1. Productivity and #NoOffice

I've been running Nozbe for more than a decade - and it’s become one of the leading productivity suite of apps on the Internet. My experience running a top productivity software company lets me see what works and helps busy professionals and teams get things done every single day.

Being the editor-in-chief of the No.1 productivity magazine on the planet: Productive! Magazine and the author of the "10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity" course, established me as a leading authority on modern productivity.

I practice what I preach. My entire Nozbe team is very effective, even though everyone is working remotely that’s why people are very curious how we can get it all done with an all-remote team.

When it comes to productivity I usually speak about:

2. Entrepreneurship

I've set up my company right after college. I built two businesses that failed, set up a successful consulting career... only to shut it down a year after I launched even more successful Nozbe. I described my story in this interview and my "It's all about Passion"! book.

When it comes to entrepreneurship I usually speak about:

  • Starting and running a global company from scratch
  • Finding and following your passion by "scratching your own itch"
  • Selling your product successfully and delighting your customers in the process

3. Technology

I'm the co-author of an Amazon and iTunes bestseller: #iPadOnly - How to use only your iPad to work, play and everything in between and I wrote it, because the iPad and the iPhone have been my main computers for more than 2 years in my day-to-day work. I review lots of productivity gadgets and gear regularly.

Running Nozbe as a productivity suite of apps for all the major platforms: Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad and iPhone, gives me an unparalleled insight to today's technology and how it helps us get things done every day.

When it comes to modern productivity tools I usually speak about:

  • Mobile computing as a competitive advantage for a smart company
  • Using your iPad as your main computing device
  • Getting most of your iPhone, iPad and Mac through apps and accessories

Related topics I get asked to speak about:

  • Implementing Nozbe in a company to help the team communicate through tasks
  • Fitness and productivity - how to stay in shape and get more done
  • Nuts and bolts of running a remote business where your customers are not where you are - the Nozbe setup.

How to hire me to speak for your event?


Just get in touch and let me know what you need. My assistant will get back to you shortly.

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What I can offer your audence

A vibrant, passionate presentation on the topic that's close to your audience hearts, filled with actionable items and ideas to implement and get results quickly. I'm not reluctant to do a longer Q&A section or go off the script if the audience needs it. Check out my recent engagements

What it costs to hire me as your speaker

My speaking fee for 2017-2018 is $5,000 for one event + travel and lodging expenses for me and a person who comes along with me (to help me with all the technical details, preparation and support).

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